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Using the ePassport gates

So, you've had a great flight and you arrive at the UK Border. Here you'll find two options. You can either show your document to the Border Force Officer, or you could use one of the ePassport gates.

You can use the ePassport gates if you:

  • Are over 18 years of age,
  • Hold an EU passport (or are part of the Home Office Registered Traveller scheme),
  • Have a passport that has been chipped.

You can use the ePassport gates that will automatically check your passport and let you get on your way quicker than waiting to be called forward. All you need to do to use these gates is:

  • Remove the cover (if you have one) to the photo page,
  • Hold the page down, and keep it there,
  • Look ahead into the screen and wait until it turns green,
  • Once it has turned green, remove your passport and walk through the gate.

For further information about the ePassport system, please visit the ePassport section for the UK Border force.

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