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Introducing the next generation of fly-drive holidays

Take a seat, buckle up and take off with our new flying car... Yes, you read right, a flying car.


Our flying cars are taking off soon

We’re proud to be one of the first airlines in Europe to offer the world’s first fully flying, fully rentable car to our customers.

Our new service will open up every corner of far flung Europe and it's never been easier to book.

To celebrate our partnership with Europcar, we’ve created some short films which you can watch below:


Just where will all these flying cars land? A very good question. Meet our dedicated flying car ground staff, and hear about their exciting new roles.


Before you can hire a flying car you must, of course, complete our rigorous training programme. Usually takes about 45 minutes. Meet one of the instructors tasked with teaching the public how to fly.


Europcar and easyJet offer the same level of care and service whether your car flies or not. Meet the Customer Agents in charge of our extraordinary new offering.

Europcar car hire. Firmly on the ground...

Okay, so we’re not actually launching a fleet of flying cars just yet, but with a Europcar rental desk at every airport we fly to, it’s never been easier to travel across Europe, your way.