Easter 2018 - Breaks & holidays

Easter 2017 in Europe - city breaks and beach holidays.

Easter is one of the most celebrated holidays all over the world. Enjoy a break from school or work, spend time with your family and friends but away from the usual routine! 
Discover somewhere new and exciting today! Whether you’re up for a city break of prefer some beach and sun, here are some of the best places to go in order to get unforgettable experiences about Easter 2018. Why not?


for best European Easter celebrations

Many European countries celebrate Easter publicly and a variety of parades, ceremonies and festivities fill the air. There are prayers and services in churches and on the streets. Dances, games and egg hunts on the squares and in parks.
Witness centuries-old traditions and fascinating celebrations- they are just a flight away.


Easter is Sicily means lots of celebrations and good food. Fly to Palermo for Easter weekend, when thousands of locals celebrate Christ’s Resurrection with costumed and scripted recreations.
One of the nicest quarters of Palermo is Vucciria, home of the oldest market on the Italian island. The word “vucciria” is been used by locals to describe a “loud riotous confusion”, and it’s not hard to see why. Crammed with food stalls during the day, by night La Vucciria comes alive with the clamour of revellers spilling out of tavernas onto the well-worn streets.


Prague is famous for its marvellous Easter markets! You can pick up beautiful hand-crafted puppets, dolls, unique jewellery or lace. Some stalls roast pigs on a spit, and others have a famous Czech beer and other local specialties. And of course there is an abundance of hand-painted eggs which you can even get personalised with your name!


Vienna has its own Easter market and it’s considered to be one of the most romantic and magnificent with the baroque surroundings of the Schönbrunn Palace. Exhibitors offer a dazzling variety of exquisitely decorated Easter eggs and handicrafts from all around Austria.


Easter on the beach

Did you know that thanks to the way Easter falls in 2018, if you live in the UK you can use only 9 days of holiday and have a whole 18 days off?! Make sure you make the most of your Easter break then and use this perfect opportunity to get away for a jaunt in the sun - a relaxing beach holiday.


If you are tired of winter and you want to enjoy the sun, why not fly to one of our hottest destinations: it’s already 20 degrees in Morocco. Spring is the best time to visit Marrakech.
Hitting the souks is a rite of passage for any Marrakech visitor, but once you’re all haggled out, there’s another corner of town beckoning, just beyond the stalls. Kaât Bennahid might be one of Marrakech’s oldest neighbourhoods, but it’s had a super stylish growth spurt recently, with hip art galleries, chic riads and slick restaurants sprouting up, geared towards a fashionable set.


If you are looking to relax on a beautiful island, fly to Madeira; it's a mystic place, of devotion and tranquility. Madeira is made of contrasts, between the deep ocean and the high mountains, the sun and the snow, the serene blue of the sea and the exuberant colours of the flowers that will be in full bloom this spring.
Beaches in Madeira are very diverse and can satisfy most tastes. You will find sandy beaches, pebble beaches, or natural rocky beaches. The sea temperature is warmer (23º/20º ) then on the Atlantic coasts of Portugal (only 18º/19º in summer), as the island benefits from the Gulf Stream from Mexico.


spring wonders and adventures

Easter Sunday 2018 falls on 1st April and the spring is getting into full swing, the temperatures in Europe are rising fast. Enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful surroundings on an unusual adventure


If you feel in the mood for something adventurous, fly to Naples for a Microadventure. Microadventures are simple expeditions and challenges which are affordable and easy to organise. They are designed to encourage us to get Out There and Do Stuff. 
Spring is the best time to go for a hike on Mouth Vesuvius The Circumvesuviana train takes you easily from Naples’ Garibaldi station to Ercolano Scavi. From there a taxi will take you as high up Mount Vesuvius as you fancy - it depends how much hiking you want to do! Mount Vesuvius erupted in AD79, smothering the town of Pompeii. It’s a pretty small hike really, usually about half an hour. Watch the video of Al's #microadventure in Naples, where he hiked up Mount Vesuvius, explored the city streets and, of course, sampled the famous Naples pizza.


Iceland is a wonderful place to visit at any time of the year, with many different things to do and see. However at this time of year one of the draws is the chance of seeing the Northern Lights, as you need lots of hours of darkness to improve your chances of seeing the aurora.
Visiting Iceland during spring is the perfect opportunity to watch the land emerging from hibernation. You will be able to enjoy stunning landscapes of wild nature in the seasonal rebirth. In April, temperatures and meteorological conditions become more hospitable, with average temperatures between  1°C and 6°C and snow starting to melt, making it easier to travel around.


family friendly and best Easter egg hunts

What better way to celebrate Easter 2018 than with a traditional Easter egg hunt? It’s perfect family time and it's also the perfect thing to keep kids of all ages entertained during the school holidays.


Dubrovnik with its breathtaking beaches is a magical place for visitors of all ages. At Easter, festivities include a ceremonious procession of the Cross on Good Friday and gift giving. Croatians celebrate Easter with a special cake called pinca. Island of Lokrum is a quick boat ride from the city and it’s magnificent when it livens up for a warm spring with peacocks and bunnies (Easter bunnies?).
Viewed from above, the distinctive stone ramparts towering over the beautifully preserved Old Town is an impressive sight. A rich mix of businesses have found a home in their shadows, including clandestine bars bolted onto cliffs, street-food-style seafood vendors hidden in its mighty walls and even a prison-turned-fashion boutique.


In the historic town of Provins, located about an hour away from Paris, in the shadow of its spectacular castle, takes place the most exciting event: a treasure hunt! Children have to answer riddles and hunt through the medieval town to find 8000 chocolate eggs.