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Pauschalreisen in Pula Sardinia


Sprache: Italian

Währung: Euros

Ortszeit: GMT/BST+1

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Urlaub in Pula Sardinia

Pula Holidays

  • When to go: Sardinia's Mediterranean climate makes it the ideal summer destination. 
  • Suitable for: Couples and avid explorers seeking unique Sardinia holidays, packed with history and adventure.
  • Top Attraction: Golf players will enjoy a round at the Molas Golf Club, home of the Italian Golf Open.

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Booking with easyJet holidays allows you to take advantage of the great offers available when you book your flights and hotel together. Flexible booking options ensure you get the Pula holiday that's right for you, so book now!

More on Pula holidays

A holiday to Pula encompasses the very best features of Sardinia, with beautiful beaches, stunning scenery, and fantastic historical architecture. The area is known for its spectacular coastline, with coves and coral reefs to explore, as well as cliffs and wildlife inland from the beach. It’s surrounded by an archaeological excavation, and is close to as several ancient structures including a Roman amphitheatre and a set of Medieval Spanish watchtowers.    

Things to do in Pula    

Pula's diverse and picturesque beaches are by far the most popular attraction to the area, boasting soft sands, clear blue waters and fantastic diving conditions, as well as amazing views along the coast.    

Porto d'Aguma features a sparkling swimming bay and two fascinating Spanish watchtowers at either end, while Santa Margherita di Pula is ideal for exploring the landscape, with country wildlife living directly alongside the beach, and a quiet, serene atmosphere. Further out are the Chia sand dunes and beaches.    

A holiday to Pula isn't complete without visiting the ruins of nearby Nora, Sardinia's oldest city. The archaeological area has been well-kept, and is now an open-air museum, fully open to exploration. Parts of the city are still being uncovered, giving visitors a chance to see the process is action and watch history unfold for themselves. Here you can also see the ancient amphitheatre and the Roman baths, both amazingly still in good condition. Make sure to check out the concerts in the amphitheatre for an extra-special treat during your Pula holiday!  

Sports-lovers will enjoy the different options around Pula, as the area is home to the Molas Golf Club, a world-class course with an impressive roster of champions. Water sports in the area are also popular, with diving schools and fishing trips out to sea regularly available within the centre of Pula. Footpaths and cycle routes offer a fantastic way to explore the surrounding area, and the impressive landscape northern Sardinia has to offer.

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