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Pauschalreisen in Porto Rotondo


Sprache: Italian

Währung: Euros

Ortszeit: GMT/BST+1

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Urlaub in Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo Holidays

When to go: Sardinia's Mediterranean climate means that the best time to catch the sun is from June to September.  

Suitable for: Beach-lovers seeking a luxury holiday in a small, vibrant resort.

Top Attraction: The Yacht Club is open to everybody, ideal for a meal out in the evening or even just exploring the luxury boats moored up in the harbour.     

Why book with easyJet holidays?

Book your flights and hotels together with easyJet holidays, to save money and hassle on your Sardinia break. Even better, when you take advantage of the flexible booking options available, you can make sure you get the Porto Rotondo holiday that's just right for you!

More on Porto Rotondo

Porto Rotondo is an area of coastline just outside the main town of Olbia, popular among a number of celebrities and VIPs for its fantastic beaches and glamorous nightlife. The small port holds a number of sailboats and yachts, and makes for a lovely afternoon's exploring, while the beaches themselves are soft and clean, perfect for stretching out under then sun!

Things to do in Porto Rotondo

The beaches of Porto Rotondo are some of the most highly-rated in Sardinia. Visit Marinella beach for golden sand, water sports and fantastic facilities for the whole family, where you can watch the boats sail in and out of the harbour and enjoy the sunshine. Alternatively, head to the quieter Ira beach, boasting fine white sands, beautiful views, and the chance to spot some VIPs!    

While the beach is the main attraction on a Porto Rotondo holiday, there are also cultural attractions to discover, ideal for escaping the mid-day heat. Check out the Mario Ceroli granite amphitheatre, a beautifully detailed outdoor theatre with ornate carvings, which holds plays and music performances throughout the summer. The Church of San Lorenzo is also worth visiting, for a chance to see the wooden and metal sculptures within, while the impressive Piazza San Marco is just a few steps away.    

Porto Rotondo's nightlife is trendy and chic, with top-class clubs and bars hosting elaborate parties every night in the summer months. For a relatively quiet night head to Bar Darsena or the nearby Country Club, for drinks and entertainment overlooking the surrounding hillsides. Clubs such as MCLUB and Heaven Disco Club promise more in the way of dancing, cocktails and all-night partying, and a chance to rub shoulders with the elite during your holiday to Porto Rotondo!