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Pauschalreisen in Orosei


Sprache: Italian

Währung: Euros

Ortszeit: GMT/BST+1

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Urlaub in Orosei

Orosei Holidays

  • When to go: Sardinia's Mediterranean climate makes it ideal for a hot summer holiday!  
  • Suitable for: Culture-lovers and explorers seeking a picturesque Sardinia break.  
  • Top Attraction: Hiking on the coastal trails, surrounded by wildlife and fantastic views.

Why book with easyJet holidays?

With easyJet holidays, a holiday to Sardinia is simple and affordable. Book your flights and hotels together for big savings, and take advantage of the flexible booking options currently on offer to make sure you get the break to suit you!

More on Orosei

Orosei holidays offer a quiet break in the sun, with breath taking scenery and miles of remote coastline to discover. Above the beaches, on the limestone cliffs jutting out into the bay, more challenging hiking paths can be found, ideal for a day out exploring the area. Boat trips are also available to the more remote beaches, and the neighbouring towns and resorts. With so much to discover, a holiday in Orosei promises to be a tranquil and beautiful getaway.    

Things to do in Orosei    

The Gulf of Orosei is one of the most interesting coastal areas on the island, and a must-see during your Sardinia holiday. Without the crowding and bustle of the larger towns, the beaches of Orosei can be enjoyed to the fullest, boasting fantastic colours, deep rockpools and fascinating coral to dive and explore. Some beaches can only be reached by boat, making them even more unspoilt and beautiful. Take a walk along the sands, dip into the crystal-clear waters, or just lie back and relax under the Mediterranean sun!    

Hiking in Sardinia is a popular past-time, and an Orosei holiday presents one of the island's biggest challenges: the Selvaggio Blu, or “Wild Blue”. This 30-mile trail winds through the bushes and trees of the clifftops, past shepherd huts and around olive tree groves, and is best shared with a guide to discover the hidden gems of the region. More casual explorers can head out on foot or on bike along the many routes in and around the village, to discover more of rural Sardinia.  

Orosei's charming central square is home to a number of cafés, ideal for escaping the midday sun and watching the merchants and locals go about their day. The surrounding towns of Orosei are famous for their glitz and glamour; take a boat trip to Cala Luna, just a 40-minute journey over the water.

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