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Pauschalreisen in Cefalu


Sprache: Italian

Währung: Euros

Ortszeit: GMT/BST+1

Nearest Airport


Urlaub in Cefalu

Cefalu Holidays

  • When to go: Temperatures peak in July and August, but most of spring and autumn promise comfortable temperatures, perfect for an affordable off-peak holiday.  
  • Why Cefalu: Cefalu is well-known for its beautiful beaches, with golden sands and shallow waters, ideal for families. The city also boasts a wealth of historical and cultural landmarks, making it one of the most fascinating beach resorts in Sicily.
  • Top attractions: The vast beaches stretch for miles in each direction, with family-friendly amenities and fantastic views back over the city. Crystal-clear waters and sandy shores lined with sun loungers make Cefalu holidays a top choice for beach-lovers.

Why book with easyJet holidays?

With easyJet holidays you can take advantage of the flexible booking system to make sure you get the Cefalu holiday to suits the whole family. Book your flights and hotels in one affordable deal to save on money and hassle, so you can just enjoy your holiday!

More on Cefalu Holidays

Cefalu is a picturesque seaside city on the northern coast of Sicily, promising miles of outstanding beaches and a city centre steeped in rich culture and history. Originally a small fishing village, it is now one of the most popular beach resorts in the region thanks to the numerous attractions, and fantastic links to the surrounding islands.  

What to do in Cefalu

Cefalu holidays are perfect for family beach breaks. The main sandy beach in Cefalu is Lungomare, a popular destination for families, thanks to the beach-side lifeguards and watchtowers and the shallow waters, making it ideal for paddling and castle-building. For a more secluded area, the Caldura beach lies opposite Cefalu harbour, a quiet pebble shore free of lidos, boasting crystal-clear waters and plenty of rocks to dive from.    

Cefalu's city centre is ideal for exploring; perfect for a cultural beach holiday. Sicily is known for its rich and varied heritage, and Cefalu's landmarks are the perfect way to learn more about the island's past. The Cathedral of Cefalu is a great place to start, a Norman structure built in a Sicilian Romanesque style, with beautiful mosaics inside and two tall towers rising from the centre, dominating the skyline. The city is also home to a number of Roman churches, and several large medieval mansions and villas.    

Holidays in Cefalu provide the ideal opportunity to discover Sicily's neighbouring islands and resorts. During the summer, you'll find a number of ferries running to Palermo, and the Aeolian Islands to the north, a group of volcanic islands with fantastic views, incredible beaches and even impressive displays of volcanic activity!

Want something similar?

  • Italian city breaks are popular through the year. Head to Rome or Venice, for a true taste of Italian culture and history. Check out all the lastest city break deals for the latest prices.

Hotels in Cefalu

Castel di Tusa | Sizilien | Italien

Flug und Hotel, 7 Nächte, Doppelzimmer / einzelzimmer, Übernachtung und Frü...

CHF 400.72

pro Person


Castelbuono | Sizilien | Italien

Flug und Hotel, 7 Nächte, Doppelzimmer / einzelzimmer, Übernachtung und Frü...

CHF 699.90

pro Person


Cefalu | Sizilien | Italien

Flug und Hotel, 7 Nächte, Doppelzimmer, Übernachtung und Frühstück

CHF 951.24

pro Person