We have an environmental code, based on three promises

1. To be environmentally efficient in the air
2. To be environmentally efficient on the ground
3. To lead in shaping a greener future for aviation, for example:
      - carbon offsetting
      - shaping future aircraft design - for example, the ecoJet
easyJet high efficiency = lower emissions = low fares

easyJet carbon offsetting-eco

                                Carbon offset with easyJet

Carbon offset with easyJet

We balance the effect of the carbon emitted from your flight by supporting UN certified projects like Perlabi Hydroelectric in Ecuador.

Learn more about Perlabi Hydroelectric Project

How it works

easyJet buys credits from UN-certified schemes like Perlabi, there's no middle man in our not-for-profit scheme.                                                                           

Learn more about the easyJet carbon calculator                           

Our Promises...

In the air

A traditional airline flying the same route as us, using the same plane, emits 27% more carbon per passenger km. easyJet is proud to fly:

  • Newer planes - our average fleet age is 3.4 years
  • Fuller planes - we sell on average 85% of the seats on our higher seat density planes
  • Short-haul, direct trips only
What we do in the air

On the ground

We're reducing emissions on the ground too by:

  • Using less ground equipment
  • Using more airports with good public transport links
What we do on the ground

For a greener future

We are leading the way to a greener future through initiatives like carbon offsetting and our ecoJet aircraft design (see Press Release)

Carbon offsetting