On the ground

On the ground

We try to practice what we preach. We wouldn't encourage our customers to manage their environmental impact without doing the same ourselves. So we are continually reviewing our ground operations to maximise efficiency.

What we do

Shorter turnaround times

Getting our planes emptied, cleaned, checked, refuelled and boarded with passengers and luggage as quickly as possible means we need fewer airport services than other airlines, so we use less energy on the ground. It also means our planes can be more efficient, as well as requiring fewer gates and other airport infrastructure than full-service carriers.

Using less ground equipment

Quicker turnarounds and greater efficiency requires less ground equipment. That's why easyJet:

  • Avoids using air bridges whenever possible
  • Avoids using motorised steps
  • Cabin crew clean the aircraft interior and do not require a separate cleaning crew

Being efficient on the ground keeps our emissions to the minimum.

Simple airport infrastructure

Keeping things simple doesn't just make our business run smoother it also helps us be more environmentally friendly. Our airport infrastructure is deliberately simple with:

  • One class of service
  • No cargo offering
  • Online check-in
  • No transfer facilities

So we only have simple airport requirements that don't need expensive, energy intensive facilities.

Fly efficiently, get there efficiently

Lots of people would like to be greener travellers on the ground too but often there isn't the option, so we strive to provide that choice when it comes to getting to your flight. Local, convenient airports with good public transport links means you can choose to get to the airport quickly, easily and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Keeping waste to a minimum

Efficient office operations:

  • Near paperless systems
  • Recycling of paper and office materials
  • No tickets or travel documents printed

Onboard waste:

  • No free food, no unnecessary waste
  • De-icing with non-hazardous and bio-degradable products

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