Carbon offsetting

Carbon offsetting

Contribute to UN certifed emission reduction projects and offset your share of the carbon dioxide emitted from your flight by reducing the amount emitted elsewhere.

easyJet carbon offsetting

Our offset scheme achieves the highest quality standards.

  1. Our offset calculations are based on actual emissions generated by actual flights
  2. We only support UN approved Certified Emission Reduction schemes - each credit of carbon represents a true reduction in carbon
  3. We are transparent - detailing how much goes to the project with no extortionate agency fees
  4. Credits will be retired on behalf of the customers

How it works

  • easyJet works out your share of the carbon emitted from your flight (see carbon calculator for more details)
  • easyJet buys an equivalent share in a UN certified emission reduction project. There is no middle-man in easyJet's not-for-profit scheme

Where the money goes

easyJet buys from a range of UN Certified Emission Reduction projects (CERs). Why? They are the highest quality carbon credits available, where the UN Board of Approval verifies the emission saving from the project - so the carbon reduction is real. The projects range from bio-mass projects to wind farms, (see project example below) the common thread is the UN stamp of approval. We retire the credits, putting them beyond use.

How much money goes to the project?

easyJet makes no profit from this scheme and buys directly from the pool of UN credits available. This way we can make sure the maximum amount is funnelled to the project.For full details on how your money is spent, please view the appropriate section in our terms and conditions

Carbon Calculator

Example UN-certified carbon offsetting project


Perlabi Hydroelectric Project

Perlabi Hydro Electric

The Perlabi Hydroelectric renewable energy project is a small hydroelectric plant using water from the Chirizacha river in the Andes hillside in Ecuador, South America. It has expected emission reductions in the first 10 years of 74,000 tonnes. This project generates clean electricity, reducing reliance on fossil fuel power generation as well as creating benefits and job opportunities to the local community.

View UN approval for Perlabi

Other UN certified carbon credits

In additon to the above, easyJet will support other UN certified emission reduction schemes, when they become available.


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