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Baggage allowances

Hold luggage - how much can you take?

You can add up to three items of hold luggage per passenger while booking online. There is a charge for each hold item.

If you want to bring more than three pieces of hold luggage, please call our Customer Service Team. Hold luggage includes larger items such as suitcases or rucksacks, or any item too large to be carried in the cabin as cabin baggage. View our cabin baggage size restrictions.

Infants and children have the same luggage allowance as adults
If you’re travelling with infants or children, they have the same luggage allowance as adults: three items of hold luggage per person. There is a charge for each hold item.

You can ‘pool’ your hold luggage allowance
You can ‘pool’ your total luggage weight allowance – across items and across customers – but no individual item can weigh more than 32 kg.


A passenger with two items of 20kg hold luggage has a total weight allowance of 40kg. So they could ‘pool’ their luggage allowance by bringing one bag weighing 23kg and one bag weighing 17kg.

Two passengers on the same booking, each with one 20kg item of hold luggage, have a total luggage allowance of 40kg. So they could ‘pool’ their combined luggage allowance by bringing one bag weighing 22kg and one bag weighing 18kg.

There’s an additional charge for hold items that exceed 20kg
The minimum weight you can buy is 20kg per hold item. If you’d like to bring a heavier hold item you can buy additional weight in increments of 3kg up to the maximum weight of 32kg. The cheapest and quickest way to buy additional weight for your hold luggage is online when booking your flight, or later via Manage booking.

If you pay for excess weight at the airport, it will be more expensive. You’ll have to pay an extra charge for each 1kg of excess weight over 20kg and up to a maximum weight of 32kg.

No single item of hold luggage can weigh more than 32kg
For health and safety reasons, no single item of hold luggage can weigh more than 32kg.

Musical instruments as hold luggage
Music instruments can be booked as hold luggage items. You will pay the normal luggage charge up to 20kg. If the musical instrument weighs more than 20kg, you can pay for additional weight up to 32kg online. If you don’t pay for the additional weight online, you will need to pay for the excess weight at the airport – which will be much more expensive.

Visit our Fees and Charges page to view all the charges

Sports equipment – how does it work?

Sports equipment includes small items suchs as golf bags, ski bundles (skis and ski boots), snowboards, diving equipment, paragliders, pole vault poles and firearms. It also includes large items such as bicycles, canoes and hanggliders. There are separate categories of weight allowance and fees for small and large items.

Adults and children can bring one item of sports equipment in addition to the standard allowance of three items of hold luggage per passenger – please note that each piece of hold luggage has a fee attached to it. Infants don’t have a sports equipment allowance.

Sports equipment items have different weight allowances and charges
For weight allocation and pricing, we divide sport equipment into two categories: small sports equipment and large sports equipment.

Small sports equipment (weight allowance 20kg)
Small sports equipment items include golf bags, skis and boots (one charge), snowboards, diving equipment, paragliders, pole vault poles and firearms. Sporting/competition firearms are subject to limitations.

Large sports equipment – weight allowance 32kg (except bicylcles at 23kg)
Large sports equipment items include bicycles, canoes, kayaks, windsurfs and hangliders.

Six large sports equipment items only per booking
There’s a limit of six large sports equipment items per online booking – even if there are more than six passengers on the booking. If you wish to carry more than six items, please call Customer Services.

You can’t buy additional weight for sports equipment
It is not possible to purchase additional weight for sports equipment online. If you go to the airport with a small sports equipment item weighing more than 20kg you’ll be charged an excess weight fee.

You can ’pool’ your sports equipment weight allowance
If you purchase the right to bring an item of Sports Equipment, you can ‘pool’ the weight of this item with your other hold luggage.

View a full list of small sports equipment items.

Visit our Fees and Charges page to view all the charges

Pay for your hold luggage and sport equipment online – it’s cheaper and quicker!

Cabin Bag – what goes in and what stays out?

Cabin baggageCabin bag guarantee on all flights. Make sure your cabin bag travels with you.

Our customers have told us they want to keep their cabin bag with them – and not have to put it in the hold on busy flights where overhead locker space is limited.

And now you can. Our new cabin bag guarantee means you can make sure your bag travels with you in the cabin, even on the busiest flights.

To take advantage of the guarantee, simply bring ONE slightly smaller bag no bigger than 50 x 40 x 20cm including handles and wheels and we’ll guarantee it will travel with you either in the overhead locker or, if necessary, under the seat in front of you.

You can still choose to bring ONE slightly bigger bag up to the maximum size of 56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheels, but on some busy flights your bag may have to go into the hold.

easyJet plus cardholders, FLEXI fare, easyJet plus Upfront or Extra Legroom customers, can continue to bring ONE piece of cabin baggage no bigger than 56 x 45 x 25cm including handles and wheels – and use easyJet plus Speedy Boarding to board first in order to secure space in the overhead lockers.

So if keeping your cabin bag with you is a priority, why not bring a slightly smaller bag (which is still big enough to hold all your travel essentials) and we guarantee it will not go in the hold – even if the flight is full.

 Read about our cabin bag guarantee for travel.

Liquids in hand baggage
There are a number of rules to remember about what to put in your hand baggage and what to leave at home. Importantly, the word “liquids” has a wider meaning than you would perhaps think in the first instance. For example: lip balm, lip sticks, hand creams, deodorant, and hair spray are all considered liquids in this context.

The rules:

  • The liquid is in a container with a maximum volume of 100ml
  • All containers must comfortably fit into a transparent, re-sealable 1 litre plastic bag, measuring no more than 20 x 20cm
  • This plastic bag must be removed from the hand baggage and shown separately to airport security

 You’ll be asked to dispose of any liquids that don’t match these requirements so it pays to take note! For the complete rules and regulations on hand and hold luggage, sporting equipment, musical instruments, and dangerous and prohibited items, please read our Terms and Conditions.


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