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If you’re after true class, stunning mountain views and restaurants to die for then don’t look much further than Zurich.  Europe’s largest street party takes place in Zurich. So it’s time to forget all those associations with Swiss banks and finance because Zurich is now officially one of Europe’s hippest and most vibrant cities. It’s flush with trendy bars, cafes and music venues catering to all tastes and, the closer you look, the more you’ll realise that this place has a lot more in store than you realised.

Travel to Zurich and you’ll find all sorts of gems, from art house cinemas where you can wile away a bohemian hour or two, to school playgrounds that turn into open-air clubs when evening falls.  Then there’s jazz clubs, spectacular rock venues and as always those obligatory traditional Irish-style pubs.

October 2016
Marmite Food Lab is a pop-up concept for foodies. For the last year, some of the most celebrated chefs in Zurich have come together in hosting high-quality events. If you love talking about food, learning about food photography or simply mingling with fellow foodies. www.marmite-events.ch

January 2017
Giacometti Murals If you love art and love seeing something truly amazing, go to the entrance hall to the city's police headquarters where Augusto Giacometti's murals are on display. The vaulted ceiling and walls are spectacular, celebrating the Giacometti family of artists. Not only is this free but the stained-glass windows show a bit of history in old Zurich.

July 2016
With only a handful of stalls, the newly opened Food Market is a great spot for foodies interested in other cuisines. The Asian buns are popular and the whole place looks like it'll be a hot spot for the summer this year. food-market.ch

January 2017
11.5h, Hans Meier Tourist AG, GrayLine Jungfraujoch

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