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How to describe Tenerife? Volcanic lunar landscapes, lush pine forests, fertile valleys, beautiful beaches, traditional Spanish towns and bustling resorts - yes they're all here. 

The largest of Spain's Canary Islands is an old favourite when it comes to tourism, having seen visitors travelling to its shores for over 100 years. So Tenerife has an infrastructure that caters for every tourist, from young revellers to families. And what's more, because it is located a mere 100 kilometres off the coast of northern Africa it has great temperatures all year long. The average is a balmy 23 degrees - no wonder it is called the 'island of eternal spring'. 


October 2016
Stuck for something to do on a Sunday from October through December? Grab your best swimwear and join the Insomnia Boat Party complete with drinks, DJs and the occasional inquisitive dolphin. http://www.boatpartytickets.com/boat-parties/insomnia-boat-party-tenerife/

January 2017

January 2017
The back end of February and the first week in March are dominated by Santa Cruz Carnival, a non-stop frenzy of street partying, outrageous costumes and a cacophany of live music in Tenerife's capital. If you've never been, do; it's billed as the second biggest carnival in the world after Rio. If you have been, go again as every year has a new theme. This year it's Caribbean.

January 2017
With the winter sales running from the day after Kings Day (Jan 7th), often for a month or more, perhaps it's a good time to head into the mountains to escape the commercial madness. There are several picnic spots on the southern slopes of Mount Teide, including Las Lajas and Chio. Buy some meat, pack a cool box and make use of the built-in grills in these pine forest playgrounds.

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