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One of Spain’s best kept secrets, Almería gives you a rich and varied blend of the sights, sea, sun and sand you’ve come to expect from Spain. 

One of several jewels in Andalucia’s crown, Almería city itself dates back to the 10th century, when it was a bastion of Moorish rule and an important harbour, a hub for the silk trade, and the scene of countless sieges and conflicts. Today you can take this in at your leisure, explore the medieval town with its staggering cathedrals, fortifications and museums, then stop into one of the city’s many bars for a cool beer and a breather. You’ll also find the best of Spanish cuisine here, with everything from mouth-watering tapas to freshly caught seafood and delicious meaty specialities. If there’s one thing to be said for Almería tourism, it’s definitely tasty. 


October 2016
The old town, based around the historic cathedral, is the heart of Almería - both during the day and at night. A stroll using a map from the tourist office will throw up some wonderful sights, or stay close to the cathedral to drink in the cafes which look out over the strapping sanctuary. Once you have got your bearings, this is great spot to return to at night to visit some of the lively tapas bars where a free morcel of food is served with each drink.

October 2016
Roquetas de Mar, a short distance to the west of Almería, is an attractive port town. A stroll around the harbour, then lunch in one of the nearby seafood restaurants is a pleasant way to spend an couple of hours. There are also good beaches cloes to the town centre

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