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One of Spain’s best kept secrets, Almería gives you a rich and varied blend of the sights, sea, sun and sand you’ve come to expect from Spain. 

One of several jewels in Andalucia’s crown, Almería city itself dates back to the 10th century, when it was a bastion of Moorish rule and an important harbour, a hub for the silk trade, and the scene of countless sieges and conflicts. Today you can take this in at your leisure, explore the medieval town with its staggering cathedrals, fortifications and museums, then stop into one of the city’s many bars for a cool beer and a breather. You’ll also find the best of Spanish cuisine here, with everything from mouth-watering tapas to freshly caught seafood and delicious meaty specialities. If there’s one thing to be said for Almería tourism, it’s definitely tasty. 


January 2016
The Three Kings parade which takes place in the city in the early evening of 5 January is a real spectacle. All sorts of animals accompany the kings as they tour the main streets, throwing sweets to children who line the route, before they hand out presents at the end of the parade.

April 2016
The streets around the cathedral in the Old Town are wonderful to stroll through. The cathedral is a strapping building, constructed for defence purposes as well as for prayer and it takes a fair while to walk around the structure. Later, contemplate this architectural jewel from a cafe terrace in the square which looks onto the facade.

April 2016
Head up the coast to Mojácar to see a magnificent whitewashed hill village, set back from the coast. It used to be a magnet for artists and still holds the charm of a place that once brimmed with ideas and innovation.

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