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Packed with vibrant nightlife, eclectic architecture and fascinating history, all in an idyllic riverside setting, Serbia's capital city, Belgrade makes an impressive city break destination. It offers great value for money, especially when it comes to food and drink, as you can pick up a pint of beer here for little more than £1.

The city’s great clubs and all-night opening times mean you can party until dawn. Belgrade nightlife centres on river barge clubs lining the riverbank. Or, if dancing is not your thing then head to one of the many bars to taste Serbia's national drink of Rakia (a fruity brandy). Take a riverside walk up to Belgrade's impressive new Ada Bridge and watch its sharp edges glimmer against the night sky.

Admire the eclectic architecture of the city’s theatres, monuments and museums from Byzantine, Ottoman eras and beyond. Head up to Belgrade Fortress which, having been invaded more than 100 times, has seen many historical battles. A walk around Belgrade Park and Fortress today is a much more peaceful experience and it’s free to enter.

Join the locals in Belgrade’s thriving café culture. Or, rummage around the arty Skadarlija quarter where cobbled streets lead to some of the city's oldest restaurants, serving up delicious Serbian dishes and revealing the sounds of traditional Starogradska (urban folk music).

Just outside the city centre, the Ada Ciganlija peninsula is a great spot in the summer to relax, have a picnic, swim and some watersports.

January 2017
For the 14th year running, the eclectic Belgrade Dance Festival kicks off on 24 March, bringing together 15 dance companies from nine countries. Performances are held in various venues in Belgrade, as well as in Serbia's second city, Novi Sad.

April 2017
Get your swimsuits ready for the opening of the beach at Great War Island. Around the third week of June, the pontoon bridge that connects Zemun to Great War Island in the Danube is put into place and gives locals the chance to swim on the beach at the western corner of the nature reserve.

October 2016
Get to know Belgrade from the vantage point of a bicycle on a group or private bike tour of the city with iBike Belgrade. Take a leisurely ride along the the bike paths of the Danube and Sava rivers, or tackle some of Belgrade's hills by exploring the sights of the old town.

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