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Madeira is far more than an island; it's a mystic place, of devotion and tranquility. A place to discover Nature as we discover ourselves. Just like us, with our dual essence of body and soul, Madeira is made of contrasts, between the deep ocean and the high mountains, the sun and the snow, the serene blue of the sea and the exuberant colours of the flowers. In the perfect harmony of this contrasting Madeira landscape, is where the much desired balance between body and mind can be found.

Pearl of the Atlantic,’ or the ‘floating garden,’ Madeira travel guides have many ways of describing this Portuguese paradise island in the middle of the Atlantic. And it’s hardly surprising given Madeira’s towering mountains, lush rainforests, terraced hillside plantations and meandering river valleys.

But the island’s appeal isn’t just in its jaw-dropping natural beauty. Believe it or not Madeira has been a tourism hotspot for over one hundred years, and so has a long history of catering for a range of tourists. Whether you’re looking to relax by the pool, do a bit of walking in the hills, or shop for that designer outfit you’ve always wanted, the chances are you’ll be able to do it here. And the best thing about this place is that you can enjoy it at any time of the year, Madeira’s winters are only 4 degrees lower than their summers.

July 2017
GAUDEAMUS This shop is part of a social project that supports Madeira's University students, with school supplies and meals. It offers guided visits and cultural events besides selling exclusive Portuguese products. Expect sugar cane honey cookies, aromatic candles, beauty products made with forest honey, ceramics, bags, cork items to mention a few favourites. Rua dos Ferreiros, gaudeamus.pt

April 2017
Caravel Art Centre is a creative art space where local and foreign artists promote their paintings, photos, handmade goods and sculptures. It's located in the old town of Funchal, not far from the painted doors project, at Rua de Santa Maria. Free access, http://artcaravel.com.

July 2017
PORTO SANTO ISLAND Hop on a ferryand spend the day in the nearby island, a paradise of turquoise blue waters and soft golden sand. Go to the beach or discover the Island's highest peaks.

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