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If you’re looking for a reason to visit Poland then you’ve just found it with Krakow. Beautiful, charming and romantic, this Polish city of idyllic medieval squares and imposing Gothic architecture might be the country’s second city, but it is the number one destination for tourists visiting the country each year. 

This city knows all about the limelight. After all it was the royal capital of Poland for 500 years, meaning it’s had plenty of time to grow the rich cultural, artistic and architectural heritage you’ll find there today. And it’s certainly very impressive, with its 6000 historic buildings, nearly two-dozen museums and a staggering 2 million pieces of artwork.

April 2017
Ulica Jozefa has long been one of Krakow's quirkiest streets, with a gaggle of cafes, bars and art galleries. Now it's emerging as a fashion hub too, with a string of independents leading the way. Try Anna Gregory, Mapaya, Paon Nonchalant, Vintage Classics, and Przymierzalnia Concept Store.

July 2017
Take a tram east to the district of Nowa Huta - once a town in its own right - and see the flipside of old world Krakow. One of the showpiece investments of communist Poland, the controversial settlement was billed as a socialist paradise. A fascinating throwback to the Cold War.

July 2017
Tracking down a traditional Polish village can be tricky, owing to the country's stormy history, but Lanckorona, with its picturesque hilltop setting, is a treasure trove of architecture. Jump on a bus from Krakow.

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