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Pristina is a city in flux that is buzzing with its new found freedom and self identity. You won’t find many cities in Europe with such an exciting atmosphere. 

Pristina really is a city where politics, recent history, ancient history and day-to-day life collide. Where stark communist blocks lie next to striking remnants of its Ottoman past. Beautiful 15th century mosques, hamams, clock towers and bazaars are all here to give you that distinctive eastern feeling. Amongst all this you’ll find the hustle and bustle of the city’s community life, mostly through the hum of the open-air cafes that flank the streets, particularly in Dardania. Sitting and drinking coffee is a national pastime and you’ll be hard pushed to get a better macchiato anywhere in the world. And when they’re not feeding their caffeine addictions the locals like nothing better than to hit the bars around Rexhep Luci and Peyton, where musical preferences range from dance and rock to hip-hop and jazz.

And throughout the city you’ll find fabulous eateries selling everything from local dishes to high-class cuisine, not to mention good quality kebab vendors on every corner. 

April 2016
The 7th annual Chopin Piano Festival is on from 11 - 24 April in the centre of Pristina. Enjoy live performances two or three nights a week by both local and international pianists in addition to symposiums and roundtables dedicated to various influential composers. www.chopinkosova.com

July 2016
About 25 minutes outside of the city, near Badovc Lake, Bear Sanctuary Pristina is a gorgeous place to spend a couple of hours learning about the brown bears that were rescued from local restaurants following a ban on the private ownership of them in 2010. For more information visit www.vier-pfoten.org/en/projects/bears/bear-sanctuary-prishtina.

July 2016
If you happen to be visiting Kosovo between the 5-13 of August, do not miss the opportunity to attend Dokufest, the country's most famous festival and one of the most well-known international documentary film festivals in the world. A truly unique experience with Kosovo's prettiest city, Prizren, as its backdrop.

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