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The capital city of Sicily, Palermo is located to the north west of the island, with an airport within the city, making it easily accessible. Even though Palermo is the largest city on the island, most key points of interest are reachable on foot and many a pleasant day can be whiled away exploring its ancient streets.

A hub of history and culture, must-sees within the city include Gesu Church, built in the late 16th Century; its stunning marble construction reflects the archetypal baroque architecture found around the island. Don’t miss the Museo Archeologico Regionale, one of the most popular museums in the whole of Italy, which gives a fascinating insight into the country’s history.

Art lovers will find two opera houses in Palermo and the Teatro Massimo has a busy schedule so you can almost certainly catch a performance at some point during your stay.

May 2017
Ballarò (Vicolo del Carmelo) is the city's oldest market, the snaking alleys of the decrepit Albergheria quarter overrun with meat, fruit, twitching fish, antiques, knick knacks, spices, jams, oils and just about everything in between. The real fun is watching the traders compete for business, their hawking getting increasingly jester like as the day wears on.

May 2017
May is the perfect time to grab your snorkel and jump on the hydrofoil over to the island of Ustica. The waters are clear, the villages quiet and everything feels just a little bit 100 years ago. Hire a bike on the dock for the full effect.

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