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Holidays in Lamezia are all about rest and relaxation, beautiful coastline and unspoilt seaside resorts.  While you might not have heard of the town of Lamezia Terme, you will no doubt have heard of the surrounding area of Calabria. Yes, that’s right, it’s that sunny strip that makes up the toe of Italy. And while this coastal paradise has not yet been discovered by mass tourism, the Italians have long known of its unspoilt charms. Let’s just say if you’re after a taste of Italy as it has always been, then you can’t get much better than Calabria.

This is a region of untouched nature, where thick woodlands climb up snow-capped mountains and where you’ll find plenty of white, sandy beaches and stretches of emerald coastline to yourself. It’s a place where village life carries on undisturbed, with old women standing gossiping in doorways while old men play cards in the street-side cafes. Sounds tempting doesn’t it! Well add to that the fact that the sun shines here all year round and you’ve got the perfect holiday destination.

July 2016
Perched atop the old centre of Nicastro in Lamezia, the remnants of an 11th century Norman-Svevo castle still dominate the view. Although all that remains are parts of the tower and perimeter wall, it once played an important role in military defence given its strategic position. From here, you can also admire the sea views.

July 2016
Gizzeria, a 30 minute drive from Lamezia, is a seaside town in the province of Catanzaro. Thanks to its diverse landscape, it has something for everyone. The mountains have great hiking trails and the coastline is home to large sandy beaches. Go to Hang Loose Beach and spend a day at the beach with all the comforts. This beach is also popular for windsurfing and kitesurfing, and will be hosting the 2016 Kitesurf World Championships from 13 - 17 July.

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