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For years the Italians have kept Bari and the region of Puglia a secret from the rest of the world. Clap eyes on this stunning part of Italy’s rural south and you’ll instantly see why. 

Bari might not spring to mind as a top holiday destination, but the surrounding area of Puglia with its rural charm certainly should. And while Bari is the gateway to this sunny strip that makes up Italy’s heel, don’t fall into the trap of just passing through.

This seaside city with its Swabian Castle looking on has its own surprises in store. Quaint and surprisingly chic, Bari boasts increasingly upmarket bars and restaurants and is home to the bones of St Nicholas, also known as Santa Claus. Summer or winter, it’s an old town certainly worthy of a city break.

July 2016
Bari's old town is a maze of alleys, churches, homes and shrines, where woman still make pasta in their kitchens with the windows flung open, and old men gather on tiny stools to explain why the modern world is rubbish. Join a Free Walking Tour (www.freewalkingtourbari.it) to get the best out of it.

July 2016
You'll be wading through jazz if you visit Bari before 28 July, with the entire waterside city turning into an open air stage for the annual jazz festival. The progamme features both Italian jazzists and bands from overseas. For more information visit www.bariinjazz.it.

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