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We all know about Athens, but if you are looking for a real flavour of Greece you should head to the country’s second city Thessaloniki. Well, it was named after the sister of Alexander the Great and you can’t get much more Greek than that.  As all proud inhabitants will happily inform you,

Thessaloniki differs from busy and bustling Athens with its elegance and style – let’s just say designer clothes and beautiful people rule in this town. Yet despite its age – Thessaloniki is an old city having been founded way back in 315 BC – the city scrubs up very well and is today a modern one of large avenues, parks and squares, tree-lined streets, and Neoclassical and contemporary buildings.

History buffs will love this place: there aren’t many cities that can boast to having lived through the Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, so there is lots to see. If you like your old Byzantine churches with beautiful frescoes, or ancient Roman ruins, you’ll love it here.

April 2017
To get a real taste of Greece, visit the 2nd Gourmet Olive and Delicacies Exhibition, to be held between May 5-7 at Lab'Attoir, a new exhibition space in a converted warehouse. http://www.labattoir.org

April 2017
Modiano Market is wonderful slice of the old Jewish part of Thessaloniki, right in the heart of the city. Selling all sorts of produce from olives and spices to whole pigs and swordfish, complete with sword, it's a highly photogenic spot.

January 2017
If you are male, you can get a permit from the Pilgrims' Bureau (tel 2310 252 578; apply well in advance) to visit and be hosted at the beautiful monasteries of tranquil Mount Athos. Ladies and casual visitors can get a close look by boat tour from Ouranoupoli.

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