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If you like picture perfect whitewashed Greek villages overlooking turquoise seas, beautiful boutique hotels, and some of the world’ most stunning sunset views, then look no further than the Greek island of Santorini. 

This Greek gem is definitely one of the Mediterranean’s chicest islands and as Santorini travel guides will tell you is a place that entices visitors back year after year. Remember all those famous postcards of blindingly white Greek churches overlooking the sea? Well, they were taken here.

At first glance you’d be forgiven for thinking the island is little more than a barren rock, and you’d be right. Santorini was created way back in 1600 BC by a volcanic explosion that blew apart half the island and wiped out Europe’s first civilisation, the Minoans. Today, Santorini is the world’s only inhabited caldera with beautiful, bustling, white villages packed tightly above the 260 metre volcano walls. One look and you can understand why many people claim it to be the lost island of Atlantis.

April 2017
During cool but sunny spring days, walk the spectacular, two-hour, caldera-rim trail between Imerovígli and Oía; just follow little metal '9' markers, and take a bus back to your start point.

August 2016
See some of the island's best classical performers at the 38th International Music Festival of Santorini, held at Firostefáni's Petros Nomikos Conference Centre. This year there'll be chamber, solo instrumental and operatic concerts. From 4 to 25 September, €20 per concert. For more information visit santorinimusicfestival.com.

April 2017
To Thirasiá, Santoríni's only inhabited satellite islet; an excursion boat departs Skala Firás daily at 10.45am, taking in the Kaméni islets en route and reaching Thirasiá in time for lunch.

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