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With a rich history and an even richer coastline, action-packed resorts, and mountain scenery, Kos has been pulling in the tourists for decades.  Long before it was its beaches attracting the crowds, Kos was pulling in a very different type of tourist. Travellers came to the island looking to be cured at the healing sanctuary known as the Asclepion, the remains of which can still be seen today, almost two and a half thousand years later. And did you know that Hippocrates, the father of medicine, also came from Kos? Well you do now. Don’t miss the ruins of the world’s first medical school, which he built here.

Check out the island’s main town too, called, yes you guessed it, Kos Town. If you like your ports picturesque then you’ll love this one, sitting impressively under the watchful eye of a medieval castle, complete with narrow, cobbled streets and pretty little squares. The town also doubles up as a lively resort with everything a tourist could wish for, from bustling nightclubs to typical Greek tavernas and beaches with every type of amenity imaginable.

July 2017
Notwithstanding competing claims, Paradosi at the central crossroads in Platáni village has the best ice cream on Kos. Get it daily from around noon until 11pm.

July 2017
Marvel at the treasures in the Archaeological Museum, which finally did re-open late in 2016 after many false alarms. Star exhibits include include the Roman atrium mosaic of Asklipios disembarking on Kos, greeted by local healer Hippokrates, and nearby statues of Hygeia with her signature snake and egg, plus Hippokrates himself.

April 2017
To the Bros Thermá shoreline hot springs, beyond Agios Focus. Scalding water flows into the sea where a boulder corral lets the waters mix to agreeable temperatures. Best on a moonlit night.

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