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Edgy, full of character, multi-faceted and compelling, Berlin is all these things and more.

Germany’s capital is a city apart, and one you won’t forget in a hurry. People talk about how the city has been a hub of political goings on and the epicentre of historical happenings for hundreds of years, and they’re not wrong. It’s been divided by the Iron Curtain, torn apart by the Second World War; it’s been at the forefront of innovations in technology, art, and music – the list goes on.

Come for the history, for the trendy art scene, for some hardcore clubbing, or just to relax and take in the sights: it’s all on offer here.

Festival of Lights 6 - 15 October 2017 For ten days, the Festival of Lights transforms Berlin's landmarks including Brandenburg Gate, Berlin Cathedral and the TV Tower through light projections and video art. Visitors can check out what's on show through guided ‘Lightseeing' tours as the illuminations last daily from 7pm - midnight.

Museum der Stille, Linienstraße 154A ‘The Museum of Stillness' presents artworks created for solitude, reflection and tranquility. The concept is based around the idea that fine art should draw viewers into contemplation. Regardless of your stance on this idea, this Mitte hideaway is the perfect time out.

Grunewald The Grunewald or ‘Green Forest' region is the largest forested area in the western part of the Berlin, making the 3,000-hectare location one of the most relaxing and beautiful places to while away the time in. Once there you'll find lakes, woodland, ponds and hills to explore, and the whole area is easily accessible with regional trains running frequently from central Berlin.

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