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Lyon really does represent the best things about France; arguably the finest cuisine in the world, beautiful classical French architecture, pavement cafes, perfectly manicured parks and even a World Heritage listed old town.  Paris might have the romance, Nice the beach, but Lyon has the food.  If you’re after a good meal, then look no further than France’s third-largest city. The gastronomy capital of the world, Michelin starred eateries, cafes and bistros abound. Not to mention, the city’s own traditional restaurants, known as bouchons offer up a healthy serving of hearty Lyonnaise cuisine such as coq au vin, all washed down with a glass of red – well this is Beaujolais country after all. You’ll find markets galore selling everything. 

This World Heritage listed old town is a delight of Renaissance gems, Gothic cathedrals and medieval churches, with many of the buildings doubling up as boutique hotels and restaurants. And as France’s third-largest city, you can expect the usual assortment of museums and cultural diversions.  This cosmopolitan city has a mix of everything from traditional pubs, wine bars, jazz cafes and even the odd riverboat-cum-nightclub or two, bobbing about on the River Rhone.

January 2017
Watch 350 hardy souls swim 8kms upstream along the Rhone as it traverses Lyon on 15th January. The "Traversée de Lyon à la nage" starts at 10am and you can watch from any of the river banks or bridges. See traverseelyon.nap.free.fr .

April 2017
Mini World Lyon only opened last year but has already become a favourite with adults and kids alike. Spot the celebrities, the film references, the jokes and once an hour see the fabulous Fête des Lumières recreated in miniature. Until 18 June, https://miniworldlyon.com/en

April 2017
About an hour south of Lyon by car is the Palais Idéal du Facteur Cheval, a fantastical dream palace sculpted by a postman using the rocked collected every day during his delivery rounds. Inspiring, beautiful and fun, it's well worth the drive. www.facteurcheval.com

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