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With its maritime legacy and a port that dates back to the 13th century, the city of La Rochelle is jam packed with history and overflowing with French heritage.

This place has long been a firm favourite with French tourists who revel in an old town full of 14th century half-timber town houses. Not to mention it was the very centre of French trade and exploration to the Americas for centuries.

While its importance has faded over the years, it is still a city with a fascinating legacy that is ripe for exploring in both summer and winter. And let’s not forget those beaches. Well this is France, after all, so it really is a case of take your pick. 

July 2016
If you've never been on a Segway tour, now is the time to dump your prejudice in the bin and step up to the challenge. It might not be cool, but it is seriously fun. http://www.mobilboard.com/fr/agence/segway/la-rochelle/offres-loisirs#_=_

July 2016
The La Rochelle International Film Festival runs from 1-10 July, and this year they've got loads of films for kids. There will be screenings all over town, as well as talks, exhibitions and workshops. For all details see www.festival-larochelle.org

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