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Packed with an old world charm, Copenhagen is smaller than other major European city break hot spots, like Paris or Madrid, but is still rich in culture and attractions and is much less daunting. It won’t be long before you’re familiar with the cobblestone medieval streets, the canal walks and the colourful townhouses. And the best way to get around this city? By bike of course – well this is Scandinavia after all, and cars and pollution just aren’t the fashion here. 

February 2017
Defend Kronborg: The year is 1658, and the enemy hordes are poised to conquer Kronborg Castle. All that stands in their way is a small band of brave soldiers, sworn to defend the keep at all costs. Step into their shoes during this adrenaline-fuelled reenactment of the Swedish siege of Kronborg, and learn how to fire a cannon, walk in step and wield a sword. kronborg.dk

June 2017
Discover a darker side of the Danish capital with a guided tour of the film locations used in hit Scandi-crime dramas The Killing, Borgen and The Bridge. Tours start from Vesterport Station, and discounts are offered on pre-bookings. www.nordicnoirtours.com

March 2017
THE ROYAL OPERA HOUSE: Tread the boards in an illuminating behind the scenes tour of one of Copenhagen's most iconic buildings, where the huge, movable stage areas make it possible to perform several different productions on the same day. www.kglteater.dk

June 2017
Escape the hustle and bustle of the city by spending a day wandering the winding medieval alleyways of charming fishing village Dragoer, just 12km south of Copenhagen. In the evening, head to the marina for excellent seafood.

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