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So beautiful that the ancient Greeks believed it to be the birthplace of Aphrodite, the goddess of love, Paphos is still wowing the crowds today with its enchanting mix of unrivalled beaches and cultural treasures. 

This elegant city on the south west coast of Cyprus is so packed with history that it is a World Heritage Site in its own right. So if you want to see ancient Greek theatres, Roman villas, Classical temples and some of the world’s best-preserved Roman mosaics, then you know where to come.

But the appeal of Paphos doesn’t end there. Luxury spa hotels, a medieval harbour with a smorgasbord of restaurants serving some tasty Greek cuisine, and a load of lively nightlife complete the lineup of tourist treats on offer at this small, yet perfectly equipped resort.

Of course that’s forgetting to mention the year round sunshine, warm seawaters, and those waterparks that keep the little ones entertained for hours. Sounds like this place has everything you could wish for from that perfect summer holiday – well it does.

April 2017
Paphos is European Culture Capital with an exciting array of back-to-back events taking place all year. From April to June the likes of Ute Lemper, Vladimir Ashkenazy and the International Dance Festival will grace the stage. For full programme details, go to: www.pafos2017.eu

July 2017
Paphos is the European Capital of Culture for 2017 so there are plenty of exciting cultural events happening. For a schedule visit www.pafos2017.eu.

July 2017
Paphos life may slow down in August, but the villages get lively with their summer celebrations. Stroumpi is famous for its wine festivities while other spots celebrate their particular products with food and entertainment. For more information visit www.visitpafos.org.cy/.

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