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Described by poets as the ‘the pearl of the Adriatic’ and ‘heaven on earth,’ Dubrovnik really is a picture postcard of a city. This vibrant fortress town that extends down into glittering turquoise waters of the Adriatic has lots of surprises up its sleeve.

And as any Dubrovnik travel guide will tell you, it is perfect for tourists looking for a summer getaway or a city break retreat. Why is this we hear you ask? Well, it could have something to do with the perfect summer temperatures, crystal clear waters, sandy beaches, historic buildings, or the wealth of activities for all.

April 2017
Life According to Kawa, Hvarska 2. If you're looking for a beautiful souvenir or gift to bring home then stop by this food and crafts store. They offer everything from knick knacks to beautifully designed bowls, stylish sculptures, unique pieces of clothing, as well as a variety of tasty sweets. This store has got it all!

April 2017

January 2017
Kraš, Zamanjina 2, tel. 020 32 10 49, www.kras.hr. Open 08:00 - 20:00. During your visit, make sure to pick up a product made by one of Croatia's most favourite brands- Kraš. Established in 1911, they produce delicious Dorina chocolates, wafers, tea biscuits, Ki-Ki fruit toffees and Bananko, chocolate-coated bananas. As well, don't forget to try their most famous chocolate Bajadera, fine nougat chocolate combined with almonds.

April 2017
Pelješac Wine Road Make sure to take some time out for a drive down the Pelješac peninsula where you will find delicious wines to sample as you look out at the spectacular hilly landscape covered in grapevines. As an additional immersion experience, the locals will be more than happy to chat about producing their homemade products in this unforgettable environment.

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