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Vakantie in Sardinia


Sardinia is glamour, indulgence, and elegance. The Mediterranean island is located between Italy, Africa, Spain and France, and has drawn influence from each, concocting its very own demure vibe.

Sardinia is a beach heaven, but away from its shores, you will find mountains to explore and out of the way trails to hike. The island is a true Mediterranean hub and offers just as many things to do as the Italian mainland.

Sardinia's warm, mild climate makes it a perfect destination no matter the time of year. In winter, ramble through the forests and hillsides of the island, while the summer is reserved for resting your feet in the crisp Mediterranean waters and enjoying the coastal towns. Santa Teresa di Gallura and Costa Smeralda offer the glamour and indulgence expected from the Italian seaside and both feature white sandy beaches and sparkling sea. You may even see an Italian film star catching the Sardinian sun as you walk the sands of Costa Smeralda.

Get your history fix at Sardinia’s 7,000 Bronze Age towers and settlements that litter the island's countryside. Roam Sardinia's scenic rural area and find small farming villages that transport you back in time to Italy's glorious past. Sardinia's festivals may seem a tad bizarre, but from February’s Carnival to June’s Il Girotonno - a four-day drinking festival in honour of the tuna catch - if you happen to visit the island during one of them, they’re well worth attending, if only for the delicious food and lively music.  

Beaches, beautiful outdoor adventures and classy coastal cities await Sardinia. We think you will love the island's vibrant atmosphere just as much as we do.

Top Sardinia resorts

Porto Cervo

The upscale city of Porto Cervo is jam-packed with great restaurants, cafés and bars that play host to many Italian celebrities from time to time. While you may not attract the paps yourself, you can still enjoy the Piazzetta; which is the perfect spot to kick back and watch the world go by while sipping a punchy espresso. The classy town has ensured the newer developments all blend into the old town architecture, giving Costa Smeralda a classic Sardinian look all over.


The island's capital is completely alluring and the beaches that surround it are some of the best found in Italy - just don't tell the mainland! We love the beaches around Cagliari because they are rarely crowded and finding a spot to put your blanket on the white sands isn't difficult. After working on the perfect Italian tan, head into the heart of the city and grab a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine in the city's main piazza.


This small port town is anything but quiet. Vibrant, lively and full of great restaurants and shops, Palau is one of northern Sardinia's hottest holiday spots. Palau's location allows you to visit many of the great sites along the coast, as well as taking a boat trip to one of the little islands off Sardinia's coast. 

Things to Do in Sardinia

Exploring Sardinia…

Gennargentu Mountains

Sardinia is a land of contrasts, and it’s easy to move from beach to mountain in a matter of minutes. Gennargentu is the island's tallest mountain and is home to Sardinia's only ski resort, Bruncu Spina. If you are visiting in winter, you can head to the mountain to ski or sled, while in the summer the area is great for hiking and climbing.

Basilica of San Simplicio

Built in the 11th century, the Basilica of San Simplicio is located in the northern Sardinian city of Olbia. Made entirely of granite, the basilica was an important Roman church on the island when it was constructed. Today, it offers a look into Sardinia's glorious past and the architecture of the time.

Cala Luna Beach

Tall limestone cliffs give way to a crescent moon-shaped beach at Cala Luna, forming the most popular area to soak up Mediterranean sun on Sardinia. If you get hungry or forget your picnic, there is a beach restaurant right off Cala Luna's sands. And if it becomes too crowded during the day, you can always head next door to Cala Sisine, which is a little more secluded.

Food and drink in Sardinia

Sardinian cuisine

Like inhabitants of many other Italian regions, Sardinians love their pasta. But locals here love to add a variety of beans and chickpeas to their recipes.

Traditional Sardinian fare did not make much use of seafood, strange for an island, though fish has since become quite popular. Spaghetti con bottarga is made with dried grey mullet roe and is a great combination of seafood and freshly made pasta. Meanwhile, culingiones are round ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese that are frequently served at restaurants around the island each day. Sardinia's central regions are the wine growing areas, and restaurants big and small will serve full-bodied red and white wines from the island.

Sardinia restaurants

Sardinia's restaurants are a window into the flavours of the island. The coastal city’s harbours have out of this world seafood eateries serving fish caught earlier in the day. Traditional Italian trattoria is an informal dining option that cooks hearty Italian pastas. If you are looking for quick and simple, the many pizzerias around the island can whip up a pizza like you have never eaten before at lightning pace. Enotecas are perfect little wine bars that serve local red and white wines. Add a plate of spuntino to the table and a night out in Sardinia is set.

Going to Sardinia with easyJet holidays

Great weather, glamourous beaches and delicious Italian food is waiting for you in Sardinia. To experience the sophistication and splendour of a holiday to Sardinia for yourself, book today with easyJet holidays. We have numerous flights regularly travelling to the inland cities and coastal areas of Sardinia, so you can tailor your holiday to suit you. Book your flight and accommodation together and save with easyJet holidays.

Sardinia not quite sealing the deal? Have a read of our other Italian destination guides for further inspiration and temptation.