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Vakantie in Prato


Taal: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Lokale tijd: GMT/BST+1

Nearest Airport


Vakanties in Prato

Prato Holidays

Holidays to the town of Prato in Tuscany provide an exciting and new experience for those looking for something different in an Italian holiday. With plenty of cultural and outdoor activities, there is always something new to try on a holiday to Prato.

When to visit Prato

There are regional differences in the weather throughout Tuscany but Prato holidays are ideal for those who enjoy very warm Summers, while the Spring and early Autumn months provide mild, agreeable climates. April, May, September and October see highs of about 27C and lows of 15C. Summer holidays to Prato will see top temperatures reach nearly 30C and the crowded busy streets can get quite stifling, however in the parks and open spaces sun worshippers do enjoy the exotic heat.    

Things to see in Prato  

Being just 20km from Florence, holidays to Prato in Tuscany are simple and accessible. The small town of Prato has its roots in textiles and wool production, and still remains one of Italy’s principal textile production towns. During your Prato break, you can visit the Museo del Tessuto, a museum dedicated to Prato’s textile history, where you can see examples of the Prato’s textiles, old and new.  Due to its historical and creative background it is easy to see why Prato is home to a large selection of museums and galleries. Cultural attractions in Prato include visits to the Labatory Museum of Terrigoli, the Cathedral Museum and the Gallery of Palazzo degli Alberti. There is also the famous Contemporary Art Centre, the Luigi Pecci.    

There are also many outdoor activities to do, especially if you're taking the family to Prato. The Natural Sciences Centre looks after and re-homes animals, and offers a great day out due to its 8 hectors of lush parks and gardens, where animals are free to roam. There is also a science museum and planetarium to explore during your break. For sports-seekers, Prato holidays are fantastic for golf-lovers! There is a wide range of courses to choose from, including the Castelfalfi, Le Pavoniere and Montecatini golf clubs.  Each offers its own unique character and views and is a well-established pastime during Tuscany holidays.

Going out in Prato

As you can imagine, eating out in Tuscany is a culinary adventure. From the osterie venues which offer simple meals, to the family run trattoria establishments serving traditional fare, right up to the formal risoranti eateries, there is somewhere to suit every budget and taste on holiday to Prato.  

Being one of Italy’s main producers of textiles you’re sure to find great shopping deals on local crafts and mementoes of your Prato holiday, as well as a variety of famous outlets including Prada and Gucci. There are also smaller boutiques and gift shops where you can pick up some special souvenirs.    

Book your holiday to Prato, Tuscany with easyJet holidays, and save even more money and hassle by booking your flights and hotels together, so you can relax and start planning what to visit first!