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Vakantie in Sassari


Taal: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Lokale tijd: GMT/BST+1

Nearest Airport


Vakanties in Sassari

Sassari Holidays

Sassari is one of the oldest cities on the Italian island of Sardinia. Italy, old and new, can be felt wherever you go, whether to a historical site or a tasty restaurant. The ancient city is surrounded by luscious, green space and thousands of hectares of olive plantations. Book now, with easyJet holidays, for an affordable holiday to Sassari.

History in Sassari

Sassari is known for its art, culture and history. There are many collections of art in Sassari, from contemporary creations to antique masterpieces. There are also many historic sights to see; one of the main attractions in Sassari is Monte d’Accoddi, a large pyramid of steps thought to be an ancient altar.    

This architectural wonder is a prehistoric monument that amazes visitors, not to be missed for history buffs. Continue your archaeological exploration at the neo-classical Piazza d’Italia. All around the square you’ll see great carvings and buildings from the neo-classic era, while Corsa Vittorio Emanuele, the main street in the medieval town, houses fascinating buildings from a range of periods, including Catalan-gothic, baroque and neo-classical styles.    

See these designs again in the Cathedral of St. Nicholas of Bari, and the church and monastery of Santa Maria di Bètlem. With so much history; there's always something to explore on a holiday to Sassiri.

Things to do in Sassari

There are lots of museums in Sassari, showcasing the city's colourful past. One of the most visited museums in the city is the Museo della Brigata Sassari, devoted to the military heritage of Sassari, which holds touching displays of photos, letters, uniforms and other memorabilia. The Museo Nazionale Sanna has a broad archaeological collection and bronzeware displays of weapons, bracelets, and figurines of animals and humans. The museum also houses an interesting gallery of Sardinian folk art.    

Sassari holds several festivals, including the Cavalcata Sarda; a parade where locals dress up in folk costumes and march alongside fine horses. People come from all over Sardinia for this spectacular show, so make sure you’re there too. The Farradda di li Candarei, or The Candle Holders in English, is a stunning devotional procession to mark the end of the plague, in which huge wooden candles are carried through the streets of Sassari. Sardinia Film Festival is also held in Sassari, showcasing hundreds of films, of all types and genres.    

If you want to catch a show during your Sassari city break, don't miss out on an operatic production at the Teatro Verdi, or some great theatre at Teatro Civiko. For more experimental pieces of theatre, head to Teatro II Ferroviario. Indulge in some traditional and delicious Sardinian specialities at one of the many restaurants Sassari offers, to replenish after a day of history and culture.    

Sassari is a fascinating city with lots to see and do. Make sure you don’t miss all that this amazing Italian city offers, and book now with easyJet holidays, and for even better savings, book your flights and hotels together, so you can just relax and enjoy your holiday!