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Vakantie in Otranto


Taal: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Lokale tijd: GMT/BST +1 hour

Nearest Airport


Vakanties in Otranto

Otranto Holidays

Otranto is one of the most beautiful seaside towns in the Mediterranean. It is located on the Adriatic coast of southern Italy in the region of Puglia and is just three miles from the eastern most point of Italy, which is marked by the Faro Della Palascia lighthouse. The town is steeped in history with huge defensive walls, old churches, winding alleys and a stunning port surrounded by sparkling blue water.    

  • History: There are some wonderful historic sights to be seen whilst on holiday in Otranto, from ancient walls and castles to beautiful mosaic and gothic displays.  
  • Great for couples: The picturesque town with its pretty streets and incredible views provide the perfect romantic get away.    
  • Vibrant nightlife: Otranto is renowned for its selection of restaurants and bars and busy nightlife.

Things to do in Otranto

Otranto has well over a thousand years of rich history that has resulted in incredible buildings with stunning architecture. One of the most popular attractions is the town’s Romanesque cathedral, which features a twelfth-century mosaic. The cathedral also houses a gothic reminder of the famous “Sack of Otranto” of 1480, when 800 locals were executed for refusing to convert to Islam during an invasion by the Turks. The bones and skulls of the martyrs of Otranto are now displayed in glass cases in the cathedral walls.    

Other historic sites include the Byzantine Chiesa di San Pietro church and the Castello Aragonese, a huge castle built to protect the town.    

The streets of Otranto’s centre are bustling with shops, restaurants and bars. Restaurants offer a range of traditional Italian and international cuisine, with some offering spectacular views over the port and sea. Shops are open late selling exquisite antiques and souvenirs.    

The nightlife in Otranto is very colourful and don’t be surprised to see people dancing to bands playing in the street. Beautiful beaches can be found just to the north of the town at Baia dei Turchi and rocky coves lie to the south in Porto Badisco and you can also swim in the clear waters next to Otranto’s walls. Holidays in Otranto really do have it all, with panoramic views, historic surroundings, eclectic culture and wonderful weather.

Book a holiday to Otranto with easyJet holidays

This picturesque town is just waiting to be explored, what will you discover? Book your Italy holiday today with easyJet holidays and discover the wonders of Otranto.