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Vakantie in Tirrenia


Taal: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Lokale tijd: GMT/BST+1

Nearest Airport


Vakanties in Tirrenia

Tirrenia Holidays

Tirrenia is a beautiful seaside resort in Italy which enjoys bright, colourful springs, hot summers and comfortable autumns, so it’s the perfect holiday destination all year round. Tirrenia mixes the fun of a seaside holiday with the culture and history of a sight-seeing break, so there’s always something interesting to do. The scenery of Tirrenia is breath-taking, surrounded by the stunning pine forest of Litorale Pisano and bordered by the Ligurian Sea.

Things to Do in Tirrenia

There are over 35 wide, sandy beaches in Tirrenia, all well-equipped so you can stay all day, enjoying the sumptuous sands and the sparkling Mediterranean Sea. Every type of water sport is practised in Tirrenia, including free-diving and sailing, so make sure you try some out for yourself when you visit the beach. Or, if you prefer to stay dry, get involved in a game of beach volley for some real summer fun.    

There are plenty of other on-land activities for you to try, away from the sand. Immersed beautifully in the natural green surroundings are sports facilities for a number of pastimes. Play tennis or football, or go to one of two luxurious golf clubs to tee off during your holiday to Tirrenia. The pine forest of Litorale Pisano is perfect for relaxing strolls, bike rides and even horse riding. Fishing is also big in Tirrenia, with huge fishing scales at Migliarino San Rossore, a nature park in the east of the town, which also boasts fantastic scenery of the Apuan Alps.    

If you’ve still got some energy left, get ready for a fun night out in Tirrenia. With numerous discos, clubs and bars, you’ll be out all night. For something a bit different, head to one of the beach parties that the seaside resorts regularly organise.

Culture around Tirrenia

Make sure you spare some time to explore the Italian cities around Tirrenia. Tirrenia is a parish of the city of Pisa, perfect for a day break outside the resort and an invaluable opportunity to visit the famous Leaning Tower of Pisa. This architectural masterpiece, an icon of Italy, is almost on your doorstep. While you’re in the city of Pisa, see some of the other historical churches, of which there are over 20 to explore! You'll find yourself speechless at other buildings of architectural magnificence, including Giovanni di Simone’s Church of St. Francis, and the Borgo Stretto, a neighbourhood of medieval arcades. There are also several museums in Pisa, from displays of sculptures and paintings to exhibitions of scientific instruments from the past, including a compass which is said to have belonged to Galileo Galilei.    

easyJet holidays can take you to Tirrenia for an affordable price, so that you can relax in the peaceful and natural hideouts, have fun in the sun, let your hair down at night and explore Italy. Book now for a flexible holiday to suit you!