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Pacchetti vacanze in Villasimius

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Lingua: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Ora locale: GMT/BST+1

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Vacanze a Villasimius

Villasimius Holidays

A municipality of Sardinia’s capital city, Cagliari, Villasimius boasts the very best of the region, from dining to dancing without the overcrowding of a capital city. Originally named Carbonara, this is a hint towards the brilliant roots towards which Italy owes its cultural heritage. Inhabited since prehistoric times, Villasimius’ ancient legacy is evident in the breathtaking rock formations out at sea and along the coast as well as its thriving natural community of plant and sea life. Famed for its stunning beaches, wonderful views and vibrant waterfront, this small village showcases the very best that Sardinia and indeed Italy has to offer.

Sights of Villasimius

Villasimius Simius beach is renowned for the bath-like temperature of the sea; protected from currents, this section of water is the perfect place to float and relax in the stunning Sardinian sun. Villasimius is a haven for sea life, animals and plants due to the rich make-up of the area. Down by Campulongu beach, cormorants and shags can often be witnessed bathing in the water with the rest of the holidaymakers and inhabitants.    

The marina has recently been restored, providing a wonderful insight into modern yachting and fishing, where you can watch sailors heading in and out to round up their daily catch of fish or visit the wonderful Villasimius for themselves. Be sure to rent a car to visit Villasimius: the panoramic coastal road provides breathtaking views of the Tyrrhenian sea and the surrounding coastlines of Porto Sa Ruxi, Piscadeddus, and Cala Caterina to name a few.    

Despite its quiet nature during the daylight hours, Villasimius is a favoured destination of the “night people”. This small village comes alive after dark with plenty of discos, bars and clubs lining the marina and centre, entertaining the masses until the early hours. The beautiful views of the sea provide a somewhat surreal nightlife experience for the novel Villasimius clubber.  

The food on offer in Villasimius is rich and diverse due to the mongrel nature of Sardinia as an island. D H Lawrence once described the island as “between Europe and Africa and belonging to nowhere” and he would be right – the island draws its dining tradtions from all manner of cultures. Taste the delights of Tunisian brik, a deep fried pastry, or go down the Italian route in the pizzerias and tavernas.

Experience Villasimius today

This tiny village is one of Italy’s best kept secrets; only the most in-the-know holidaymakers are lucky enough to experience the wonder of Villasimius. Join them today by booking and saving with easyJet holidays.