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Pacchetti vacanze in Siniscola

Informazioni di viaggio

Lingua: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Ora locale: GMT/BST+1

Vacanze a Siniscola

Siniscola Holidays

  • When to go: Sardinia has a typically Mediterranean climate, so the late summer months are the best for the warmest weather and the most sun!  
  • Suitable for: Families and couples seeking a quiet beach holiday, with plenty of wildlife and local produce.
  • Top attraction: Head up into the mountains with a guide, and explore some of the caves overlooking the coastline!

More on Siniscola

Siniscola is located at the foot of Mount Albo, set in the midst of farmland, citrus gardens and olive groves. The beautiful coastline and colourful surrounding countryside has made it a hit with tourists recently, and thanks to the network of bars and restaurants serving delicious local food and wines, it's perfect for those seeking a refined summer holiday in Sardinia.

Things to do in Siniscola

The beaches around Siniscola promise soft white sands, crystal clear waters, and beautiful views along the adjoining coastline. The waters on Sardinia's north coast are famously warm in the summer, heating up to around 20C – ideal for families, and for lounging in the water! Diving and other sports are also popular, including jet-skiing and kite-boarding. Beachside instructors are even on hand. To make sure everybody gets to try something new.    

The surrounding landscape of Siniscola is one of the most beautiful on the island, with a range of mountain wildlife to be found on the outskirts of the village. Take a tour guide up to the caves around the mountainside, such as Grotta di Ispinigoli, which houses the largest stalagmites in Italy. The resort also borders the river's floodplains, attracting another wide variety of island species to the area, including pink flamingos and other rare birds and plants. 

Around Siniscola is a network of coastal villages and towns, each with excellent attractions to discover. The marina at neighbouring La Caletta is the ideal place to spend an afternoon, while further along, the cultural buildings and fortifications at Posada provide a fascinating insight into the island's history. Keep an eye out for the seafood restaurants along the way, serving freshly-caught produce and top Italian wines.