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Pacchetti vacanze in San Teodoro

Informazioni di viaggio

Lingua: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Ora locale: GMT/BST+1

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Vacanze a San Teodoro

San Teodoro Holidays

  • When to go: August and September, for the hottest days and shortest nights.
  • Suitable for: Beach lovers seeking a quiet holiday on the Costa Smeralda. 
  • Top Attraction: La Cinta beach, the biggest in the region, and one of the most popular in the whole of Sardinia.

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By booking with easyJet holidays you can take advantage of the best deals on offer by booking your flights and hotels together. Flexible booking options mean you can get the Sardinia holiday that's just right for you, so book today!

More on San Teodoro

San Teodoro holidays are a must for beach-lovers, with 18 soft, sandy beaches to choose from, each with a cooling breeze and warm waters that reach up to 20C in the Summer. Ideal for families and groups alike, San Teodoro is just 25km from the main town of Olbia, while the lagoons surrounding the area boast a wide variety of wildlife. A holiday to San Teodoro promises to be an exciting and fun-filled break in the sun, perfect for a hot Sardinia getaway.

Things to do in San Teodoro

With so many beaches to choose from on a San Teodoro holiday, it can be hard to choose where to start! The largest in the area is La Cinta, boasting white sands and rose-coloured rocks, as well as deep, clear warm waters. La Cinta is ideal for water sports, and even hosts the island's kite boarding championships each year. A quieter beach can be found at L'Isuledda, where tranquillity and peace can be found for a calmer day by the sea.    

The varied landscapes of Sardinia can be found in the surrounding countryside of San Teodoro, from the lagoon to the hillsides in the distance. San Teodoro lagoon is home to colourful vegetation and a number of wild island species, including butterflies and even pink flamingos. The beaches of Capo Coda Cavallo and Lu Impostu are both surrounded by beautiful wild flowers, perfect for nature-lovers.  

The town of Olbia, just half an hour away, is well-worth visiting on a holiday in San Teodoro. Kids will love coves and rock pools, as well as the pretty pink-pebbled beaches, while in the town itself are a number of cultural attractions to discover. Visit the Basilica of San Simplico, a stunning 11th-century church, or explore the boutique shops and market stalls in the town centre. Olbia is also ideal for a special night out, as you'll find plenty of fresh seafood and traditional Sardinian cuisine to try during your San Teodoro holiday.