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Pacchetti vacanze in Isola Rossa

Informazioni di viaggio

Lingua: Italian

Valuta: Euros

Ora locale: GMT/BST+1

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Vacanze a Isola Rossa

Isola Rossa Holidays

  • When to go: The island's Mediterranean climate means that the summer months are dry and hot, ideal for beach-lovers!  
  • Suitable for: A romantic holiday or just a peaceful getaway in the sun.    

Why book with easyJet holidays?  

Book your Sardinia holiday to Isola Rossa with easyJet holidays for fantastic deals, especially when you book your flights and hotel together. Flexible booking options mean you can arrange the holiday that's just right for you, so book today!

More on Isola Rossa

Isola Rossa is a small but lively beach-side village on the north west coast of Sardinia, with two beautiful beaches and a range of bars and restaurants. The resort is ideally located close to many of Sardinia's major cultural attractions, and is a hotspot for water sports, including coral reef diving, swimming and fishing. Stay within the village for a quiet, relaxed beach holiday, or head out to the neighbouring areas to discover stunning scenery and wildlife, for a fun-filled Sardinia holiday.

Things to do in Isola Rossa

Isola Rossa holidays offer the perfect opportunity to enjoy the beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean, whether you want to stretch out under the sun or try something more active out in the water. The curved Isola Rossa beach promises soft white sands, crystal-clear waters, and fantastic views over the Gulf of Asinara. The sea is rich in coral and marine life, and diving in the area is a popular past-time with locals and visitors alike, so look out for the beach-side instructors to ensure everyone gets to try something new!    

While the village is small, it offers plenty in the way of dining and amusements, with a number of cafés on the promenade and in the centre – perfect for people-watching and escaping the midday sun! Explore the shops and boutiques for that all-important Isola Rossa holiday souvenir, with local handicrafts and fresh produce on offer, as well as local wines. The village is also home to a number of spas and beauty salons, while in the evening the restaurants and bars offer everything from traditional cuisine and entertainment to pizzas and discos.    

To discover the surrounding area during your Isola Rossa holiday, head out to the nearby stone watchtower, a medieval defensive tower looking over the village. A little further out is one if the island's famous Nuraghe; fascinating structures and buildings scattered across Sardinia, dating back thousands of years. Nature lovers can hire bikes or take a walk along the footpaths and routes through the countryside, where the beautiful scenery and impressive wildlife can be enjoyed at your own pace, for a truly tranquil Isola Rossa holiday.    

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  • Holidays to Isola Rossa's neighbouring island, Corsica, offer beautiful beaches and plenty of villages and attractions to explore.    
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