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The 20 best street food hotspots around

1. John’s Hot Dog Deli in Copenhagen, Denmark

John Michael Jensen’s pølsevogn, or hot-dog wagon, may look like any other Copenhagen cart, but ask for the special of the month and you’ll receive some serious sausage. The reason it tastes so good? Jensen makes his mustards, spicy sauces and relishes from scratch in his food lab. 
Address: Bernstorffsgade | Tel: +45 31 32 58 48 
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2. Djemaa el-Fna in Marrakech, Morocco

Prepare for sensory overload at this vast Marrakech bazaar. Weave through the musicians, poets, storytellers and snake-charmers to tuck into some seriously good Moroccan cooking at the stalls in the square. Choose from tagines, couscous, harira (tomato and lentil soup with beef or chicken) or, if you’re feeling adventurous, sheep's head.
Address: Medina, Old City 
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3. Dinerama in London, UK

Street Feast, the company behind Dinerama in east London’s Shoreditch, has done much to make street eating in London a nocturnal pursuit – they also run weekend night markets in Dalston and Lewisham. But here at Dinerama itself, revellers can really engage in a proper night out, with beer and cocktail bars as well as several top-notch food stalls over two levels. 
Address: Usually located by Old Street or Shoreditch High Street Underground stations
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4. MadrEAT in Madrid, Spain

Madrid’s top young chefs showcase their creations at this pioneering monthly food-truck event. Regular traders include Panenka (calamari bocadillos), Picsa (Argentinian-style pizza) and El Perro Verde (veggie hot dogs). What’s Spanish for ‘yum’? 
Address: Azca, Madrid; check MadrEAT website for latest location 
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5. Food Truck Park in Vienna, Austria

Vienna’s street-food scene has gone from zero to hero in the past year – and the bountiful Food Truck Park is the proof. Don’t miss Neni for Israeli falafel, Hy Kitchen for wagyu beef burgers and Millie the Vintage Caravan for frozen yoghurt. 
Address: Check Food Truck Park website for latest location
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6. Frit Flagey in Brussels, Belgium

Naturally enough, there’s a queue at this Brussels favourite at almost any time of day, because Frit Flagey does French fries properly – fresh spuds double-fried in beef fat with generous lashings of mayonnaise; crisp on the outside, creamy on the inside. 
Address: Place Eugène Flagey
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7. Lobster Hut in Reykjavik, Iceland

Icelandic street food has pedigree – when Bill Clinton visited Reykjavik in 2004, he ate at hot-dog stand Bæjarins Beztu. Lobster Hut may have been a more fitting setting for a president, though, with its excellent lobster rolls and luscious humarsúpa, an indulgently creamy seafood soup. 
Address: Corner of Hverfisgata and Lækjargata streets 
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8. Bite Club in Berlin, Germany.

Berlin’s weekly Bite Club combines a diverse range of food stalls with DJ sets, cocktail bars and a relaxed waterside vibe. Highlights include Lebanese home cooking from Levantine and authentic Venezuelan cuisine from Maria Maria Arepas. 
Address: 4 Eichenstraße 
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9. Stroopwafels in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The stroopwafel, or syrup waffle, is such an Amsterdam institution there’s even a museum dedicated to it. Amsterdammers will argue at length over the best stroopwafel spot, but you can’t go wrong with the stall with the big red banner at the Albert Cuyp Market. A triple waffle is a syrup-soaked pinch at €1.50. 
Address: Albert Cuyp Street Market  
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10. Cantine California in Paris, France

In April 2015, Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo finally made food trucks legal. There are now 40 designated ‘food truck zones’ and over 50 trucks are in development. A few trucks got a head start by smartly skirting round the old laws; our pick is burger bar Cantine California. 
Address: Different locations around Paris, check Cantine California website for latest location
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11. Zapiekanka in Krakow, Poland

A night out in Kraków just isn’t complete without a zapiekanka – a baguette sliced in half, thrown under the grill, then topped with cheese, mushrooms and meat. A classic model can be found at Endzior in hipster hub Kazimierz. 
Address: 4 plac Nowy | Tel:  +48 12 429 37 54
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12. The Kitchens Leftbank in Manchester, UK

Manchester’s latest street-food market comes with a twist. Its six traders were hand-picked from hundreds of applicants to showcase their food at this riverside venue, and the winner receives funding and guidance from industry experts. Yakumana’s innovative Latin American dishes are a must-try. 
Address: Irwell Square, Leftbank, Spinningfields, M3
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13. The Magician in Tel Aviv, Israel

The Magician, or Ha’Kosem in Hebrew, serves falafel that’s always crisp, never greasy, light and fluffy on the inside, and laced with garlic and coriander. Add hummus, tahini, grilled aubergines, onions, pickles and a handful of chickpeas and this is as good a falafel as you’ll find in all of Tel Aviv.
Address: 1 Shlomo Hamelech Street | Tel: +972 3-525-2033
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14. Crystal Palace in Rabat, Malta

This unassuming hole-in-the-wall joint may not look much, but don’t just walk past. Crystal Palace offers an introduction to the joys of the island's national snack: pastizzi, a crunchy, flaky filo pastry filled with cheese, spinach or peas. 
Address: 84 Triq San-Pawl 
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15. Copenhagen Street Food, Denmark

Does street food get cooler than this? There’s the industrial-chic Paper Island venue, the stalls with their Scandi-cool designs and the perfectly on-trend food choices. Try the Colombian vegetarian food at Latienda and the pulled-pork sandwiches at Oink Oink. 
Address: The Paper Island, Warehouse 7 & 8, Trangravsvej 14
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16. Conga in Porto, Portugal

The Conga bifana is a roasted pork sandwich with a spicy secret sauce – and a devoted group of followers who border on the obsessive. As well as the Porto restaurant named after the dish, there’s a Conga street-food truck that appears at festivals around the region. 
Address: 314-318 Rua do Bonjardim | Tel: +351 222 000 113
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17. Foodhallen in Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The options at this giant indoor food hall, located in Amsterdam’s trendy Oud West district, are many: try Le Big Fish, where the menu is determined by the catch of the day, but could be fish tacos or fish soup, or The Butcher, who’s on a quest to create the ultimate burger… Perhaps you’re after a Vietnamese Bahn Mi sandwich. 
Address: 51 Bellamyplein  
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18. Curry 36 in Berlin, Germany

Currywurst is so wrong it’s right. This sausage drenched in curry sauce served over chips is German favourite and Curry36 is reputed to offer Berlin’s best. With organic and vegetarian version on offer it’s an ultimate end to a night out in Europe’s most hipsterish city.
Address: 36 Mehringdamm & 9 Hardenberg Platz | Tel: +49 30 251 7368
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19. Bar Touring in Palermo, Sicily

Italy’s street food history goes back centuries, but arancini – risotto rice balls traditionally filed with a ragù (tomato and meat sauce), mozzarella and/or peas inside – are one of the oldest. For brilliant value and great, authentic taste, try them at Bar Touring, in possibly one of the edgier bits of the Sicilian capital, but where you’ll get a warm welcome in a bright, clean environment.
Address: 15 Via Lincoln | Tel: +39 091 616 7242
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20. Mercado de Fusao in Lisbon, Portugal

On most days you’ll find around 10 food stalls in this square, serving up international fare, from Taiwanese noodles to Korean pancakes, Chinese chicken, African prawns and Middle Eastern kebabs, reflecting this multicultural bit of town. Come for lunch or swing by in the evening, when there’s often music or other entertainment going on.
Address: Praça Martim Moniz | Tel:  +351 927 943 671
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