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Information from the Identity and Passport Service

Before you travel abroad

  • you must hold a valid passport, even for a day trip. Make sure you apply leaving plenty of time before you’re due to travel. IPS recommends that you use the passport application Check & Send service available at Post Offices.
  • the Identity and Passport Service has recently introduced changes to passport applications - all first time adult applicants must now attend an interview and it can take up to six weeks to get a passport. For more information please visit www.ips.gov.uk
  • make sure your passport is valid for the duration of your trip.
  • fill out your next of kin’s details in your passport
  • make a note of your passport number and date of issue, and keep it separately in a safe place.

Applying for a passport

Application forms A standard passport application form is available through the Passport Adviceline (0300 222 0000), IPS website, at a passport office, or at selected Post Office branches. You will need to supply two recent, identical photographs taken against a light background, so that your features are distinguishable, and contrast against the background. Application lead-times:

by appointment at a passport office for the Premium one-day service 1 one day guaranteed
by appointment at a passport office for the Fast Track one-week service 1 one week guaranteed
by using the Check & Send service at selected Post Office branches please allow two weeks
by post please allow three weeks
by applying online at www.ips.gov.uk/apply_online.asp please allow four weeks
all first time applicants are now required to attend an interview please allow six weeks

1 Customers requiring these services must make an appointment by ringing the Passport Adviceline. The premium one-day service is available for passport renewals, amendments and extensions of child passports. It is not available for customers applying for a passport for the first time, or for those applying to replace a lost, stolen or damaged passport. The Fast Track one-week service is not available for adults applying for a first passport. Customers with special requirements: Please telephone the Passport Adviceline for a listing of services available.

Passports for children

All children, including newborn babies, who are not already included on a valid British passport require their own valid passport for travel abroad.

Children who were included on a passport BEFORE 5 October 1998:

Children who are already included on a valid passport may continue to travel with the passport holder, however the last adult passports with children included were issued 10 years ago and will be due for expiry this year. You are advised to check the entry requirements to countries before traveling, as many countries require that a passport will be valid for at least 6 months after entry.

Children aged 16 or over must have their own individual passport, even if the child is due to have their 16th birthday while abroad.

Lost or stolen passports

If your passport is lost or stolen in the UK: Report the loss or theft to IPS and, in the case of theft, also report this to the police immediately. You will be asked to fill out a lost/stolen declaration form, which you can obtain from the following outlets:
  • Passport Adviceline: 0300 222 0000
  • IPS website
  • your local passport office
  • your local police station
  • selected Post Office branches that offer the passport application Check and Send service

To avoid future travel delays and similar inconveniences, the IPS recommends that you apply for a replacement passport at the same time you report the previous one lost or stolen.

If your passport is lost or stolen abroad:

You must report the loss or theft of your passport as soon as possible to the local police and the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) Consulate, Embassy, or High Commission. You can request details of the nearest FCO post by telephoning 0870 606 0290 before you set off, or by visiting www.fco.gov.uk.

Infants and children

Special ID requirements

Children under 16 years of age travelling on UK, Italian, Spanish, or French domestic flights can travel without photo identification provided that they are included on a parent's valid UK passport and they are travelling with that parent. Note that UK adult passports with children included will be approaching expiry this year. Check the entry requirements of countries before travelling.

Children under 15 years travelling to the Czech Republic may travel on a parent’s passport provided they are travelling with the passport holder. Children aged 15 years and older are required to travel on their own travel documents. easyJet does not accept unaccompanied minors under the age of 14 for travel.

Children under 14 years of age cannot travel unless accompanied by a person aged 16 years or older who will take responsibility for the minor.

Spanish and French Children Under 18 Years

Children under 18 travelling without their parents/legal guardians and with an ID card must have a form of written authorisation to travel from their parents.

  • They must collect the form from their local police station which must be presented with their ID card at the check-in desk and at passport control.
  • If they do not have this form the passport control officers will refuse them travel.
  • Children travelling with a valid passport do not require this form as a passport acts as parental authority.
  • This form is required for both International and Domestic flights.
  • A Family Book (Livret de Famille) is not sufficient ID for a child/infant to travel on international flights.
  • Children travelling on easyJet international flights must have either a valid ID card or passport and any other necessary documents.

Latvian children under 18 years

Latvian children under 18 travelling alone must provide the following at check-in:

  • A valid passport; and
  • A letter confirming the child’s parent or guardian consents to travelling alone, which must be signed by a solicitor; and
  • Birth certificate.

Portuguese children under 18 years

Portuguese nationals and alien residents under 18 years and leaving or re- entering Portugal unaccompanied by their father, mother or legal guardian need a travel authorisation. This travel authorisation must be:

  • signed by the father, mother or legal guardian; and
  • the signature is notarised if the father, mother or legal guardian reside in Portugal; or
  • the signature is authenticated by a Portuguese embassy or consulate in the country where the father, mother or legal guardian reside.

This travel authorisation is also required when minors are accompanied by a person other than their father, mother or legal guardian. In such cases the travel authorisation must also clearly show the name of the accompanying person. Foreign minors under 18 years and travelling alone may be refused entry if they do not have anyone in Portugal taking responsibility for their stay.

No more than two infants (being children under the age of two years on the date of travel) per accompanying person are allowed. Infants under two weeks of age will not be accepted for travel. Children aged two years or over must occupy their own seat and pay the same fares as adults.

It is the accompanying person's responsibility to ensure that the minor is adequately secured into the aircraft seat. To this end easyJet will accept a car seat supplied by the accompanying person for any child over six months for whom an airline seat has been purchased, provided that the car seat has a rigid metal or plastic frame, is no wider than 42cm, includes lap, shoulder and crotch straps, and is upright and forward facing. The required restraint device for the age of the infant is detailed below:

Age Restraint Device
2 weeks - less than 6 months Infant/extension seat/safety belt
6 months to less than 2 years Infant/extension seat or suitable car-type safety seat
2 years to less than 3 years Any suitable car-type safety seat or seat/safety belt
3 years or more Seat/safety belt

  • If an adult is travelling with more than one infant under the age of two years, but no less than six months, one infant may sit on the accompanying adult's lap and the other infant(s) must occupy separate seats and be seated in a car seat in accordance with the above table.
  • An adult with two or more infants aged six months or less cannot be accepted for travel.
  • A child between the ages of two and three years may be seated in a car seat in accordance with the above table.

easyJet does not operate an indemnity policy and therefore under no circumstance, under the Child Protection Act, must another passenger be asked to accept responsibility during flight of an unaccompanied minor.

Groups of children

easyJet will accept children aged 13 years or under in large groups (i.e. 10 or more) on the condition that there is a minimum ratio of one accompanying adult per 10 children. In these instances an adult is considered to be anyone aged 16 years or above.


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