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easyJet just got easier for iPhone users with this FREE easyJet app. You can search, book and manage your flights all in the palm of your hand. Accessing your travel information on the go has never been so easy!

What can you do with this app?

Book flights - Book easyJet flights directly from your iPhone  or iPod Touch in an experience designed to be as fast as possible.

Choose your seats - Want extra peace of mind, to sit next to companions or just simply want extra legroom and comfort? Then use our brand new seat maps to choose your favourite seat now.

Manage your bookings - Login to view your easyJet travel details. Add your passport details, change your flight, disruption management, view all your bookings and more…

Add flight options - Want to add bags or sports equipment? You can do all that whilst booking your flight or even up to 2 hours before the original departure time of your flight

Save your details - Login using your my easyJet account details for access to your flights and to make future bookings as quick & easy as possible.

Track flights - Check the latest information about your journey, flight disruptions and more. And if you’re picking up a friend, relative or business partner from the airport, you’ll have the most up to date flight information in your hand.

Share your bookings - Email or text your flight details  to other people on your booking, create flight and check-in reminders direct to your phone calendar or just share your trip information on facebook, twitter, Google+ and many more.

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