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There’s something for the whole family in Blackpool

Blackpool is one of the most famous destinations for UK breaks. It boasts an abundance of seaside attractions for all ages, accommodation from bed-and-breakfasts to grand hotels, and vibrant nightlife, with plenty of cafés, bars, restaurants and clubs. The half-million lightbulbs of the Blackpool Illuminations continue to attract visitors from September to early November, making Blackpool the ideal choice for a UK break even out of season.

A long history of entertainment with UK breaks in Blackpool

The heart of Blackpool is its Tower. Built in 1894 with the intention of rivalling the Eiffel Tower, Blackpool Tower stands on the seafront offering spectacular views from the top, either out towards the ocean or, if you’re brave enough, down through the transparent floor. Holidays in Blackpool wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the tower; an all-day ticket will get you access to the ballroom for tea dances and big band evenings, and the aquarium and indoor adventure playground for children. There are also cafés, amusements and children’s entertainers, as well the opportunity to visit the two-hour-long Moorish-inspired circus at the tower’s base.    

UK breaks in Blackpool definitely have something to offer the thrill-seeker too. Blackpool Pleasure Beach offers big, modern roller coasters like the 85mph ‘The Big One’ or the extraordinary suspended loops of ‘Infusion’ next to a collection of antique wooden roller coasters showcasing Blackpool’s long history as resort for fun-seeking UK holidays. Blackpool’s ‘Golden Mile’ attracts visitors with its piers housing amusements, tram and donkey rides, clairvoyants, fun pubs and plenty of fish and chip shops, so you’ll never be short of something to do with holidays in Blackpool.    

Many of Blackpool’s attractions are geared towards families and the same goes for its accommodation. Whether it’s a small guesthouse or a seafront hotel there are plenty of places that tailor their services with children in mind. For grown-ups there are luxurious hotels and plenty of places to enjoy Blackpool’s famous nightlife, like the Champagne and Oyster Bar on the Pleasure Beach, or The Syndicate, one of the largest nightclubs in the country. UK breaks in Blackpool also cater for older holidaymakers, with lots of more laid-back entertainment like the regular dances held at the Tower.

UK breaks in Blackpool are great value with easyJet holidays

With flexibility and great savings for families booking together, UK breaks in Blackpool with easyJet holidays offer something for everyone to enjoy.

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