Holidays in Turgutreis

Travel Information

Language: Turkish
Currency: Turkish lira
Local time: GMT/BST +2 hours
Local Airport(s)
  Flight time Transfer time
(to resort)
Bodrum 4 hours 1 hour 15 mins

Turgutreis Holidays

With beautiful weather, extensive beaches and a welcoming holiday atmosphere, Turgutreis is fast becoming one of Turkey's most popular summer destinations. Whether you want to stretch out on the beach or explore the markets and bazaars of the town, a holiday to Turgutreis is the perfect getaway.

Things to do in Turgutreis

Turgutreis holidays promise a beautiful and relaxing break for the whole family. The beaches, with warm black sands and sparkling waters, are some of the most beautiful in the Bodrum peninsula, dotted with palm trees and backed by white-washed houses and mountains. The Greek island of Kos is visible across the water, and closer to shore, the marina is the largest in the region. Beachside bars ensure you're never far from a refreshing drink, or even a cocktail when the sun goes down, so you never have to leave the shore!    

Water sports are popular along the whole coast, and Turgutreis is known as a “windsurfer's paradise”, as the warm winds can create a fun and challenging environment to try out a spot of surfing or even parasailing. Boat trips around the bay are a fantastic way to see some spectacular views of the town from out at sea, and ferries ensure you can even spend a day in Kos. The island offers a range of activities for kids and adults alike, with water parks, golden sandy beaches and a number of cultural landmarks to discover; ideal for an excursion during your Turgutreis holiday.    

Turgutreis itself is known for its fantastic markets throughout the year, perfect for window shopping or even picking up the perfect Turkish holiday souvenir. Every Saturday the town centre sees Bodrum's largest food and clothes market, while in the Summer months the streets are home to an enormous bazaar, with a whole street of artists, another of bars and restaurants, and countless local producers selling handicrafts and traditional Turkish goods.

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Holidays to Turgutreis offer the perfect opportunity to discover the beautiful seafood and traditional Turkish produce of the Bodrum region, from huge and delicious king prawns, fresh off the coast, to sumptuous spiced meats and salads. Sit back and enjoy dinner on the waterfront, or head into town, where street food and outdoor cafés remain open throughout the night, alongside the wine and cocktail bars, so you can enjoy the balmy nights of a Bodrum holiday. While Turgutreis has two clubs, for a taste of authentic Turkish nightlife Bodrum boasts a huge and varied nightlife. From Club X, the sophisticated bar playing dance and funk, to the huge and lively Halikarnas, the largest outdoor club in Europe, you're always sure of an exciting night out!    

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