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Holidays in Turkey

Travel Information

Language: Turkish

Currency: Turkish lira

Local time: GMT/BST +2

Holidays in Turkey

Relax in the sun on a holiday to Turkey

  • Top Resorts: Lara is great for the beach, and Marmaris has some thriliing night life.
  • When to go: Summer is the best time to experience Turkey, when temperatures are at a high and the seas are warm.
  • Top attractions: The ruined city of Ephesus near Kusadasi is full of cultural sights, there are plenty of markets to pick up some cheap hand-made goods, plus you must get a relaxing Turkish bath, and bathe in some of the many hot spas dotted around the country. 

History fanatics, adrenaline junkies, sunbathers and foodies are all in for a treat when heading for a holiday in Turkey. Whether you’re planning to explore the architecture on a city or to simply unwind in the Mediterranean sunshine, there's plenty to do on Turkey holidays. The people of Turkey believe that the simple things in life are the most important and should be enjoyed with family and friends, so expect a holiday that will leave you feeling passionate and very relaxed.

Turkey holidays offer a variety of treats

For the adventure seekers there are an abundance of activities to take part in while on your holiday in Turkey from horseback riding in Cappadocia to hot air balloon rides across the coast. Those after something a little more relaxing can visit the traditional Turkish baths and and get cleansed and pampered from head to toe.  

Beach, relaxation and more  

There isn't a short supply of beaches in Turkey and if you’re looking for somewhere that can be described as stunning, peaceful and charming then look no further than a holiday to Lara with its golden sands and an amazing mountain backdrop. Towards the west lies Olu Deniz, a picture perfect lagoon that is being kept in its naturally beautiful state, and is a great place for the whole family. Find out more about the Olu Deniz holidays that easyJet holidays has to offer.

Eight different countries border Turkey so, if you feel like exploring, finding something to do nearby isn’t a problem. Ferries depart daily from Turkey to the Greek Islands and Cyprus making it possible to visit elsewhere for 24 hours or, in some cases, a day trip.

Food and drink in Turkey

Turkish food is far more varied than the typical kebabs you can find in the UK; it's a mix of far-Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines and every region in Turkey has its own blend of spices to flavour their food. Goulashes, fish and mezes are found on menus and the restaurants are friendly and relaxed. Turkey also produces some great wines as well such as *raki* - an aniseed-based drink, known locally as “lion’s milk”.

 To Turkey culture

For those looking to indulge in culture, they will relish in the entertainment available to them during their holiday in Turkey. Dance, opera, cinema and music are all big parts of the Turkish culture. Plus, the bars, clubs and restaurants of Turkey beckon the night owls in for an evening of jazz, rooftops and beer. For more inspiration, check out easyJet holidays' guide to things to do in Turkey

Book Turkey breaks with easyJet holidays

Finding a cheap holiday in Turkey is simple with easyJet holidays. Choose a great value deal that is flexible and book your hotel and flight together to save money and get the best Turkey deals.


Things to Do in Turkey

If you are looking for beautiful beaches, friendly locals and a range of entertaining activities then Turkey is for you. Read on to see what’s the best things to do and why you should book a holiday to Turkey with easyJet Holidays.

Things to Do in Turkey  

  • Take advantage of the fashionable and atmospheric bars and markets in Istanbul.  
  • The Aegean Coast allows you to see incredible historic sites including the ruins of Troy.
  • The Black Sea has a wild and adventurous feel that, away from the tourist areas of Turkey, is refreshing.  
  • There are superb beaches around Üyme - a friendly resort town.    

Nightlife in Turkey  

  • Turkey has a very varied and lively nightlife. The tourist resorts have bars to suit every music taste.  
  • Or you can experience a more traditionally Turkish night out and be welcomed into local bars and join in with the Turkish customs, singing and dancing.  
  • Turkey holds many outdoor rock and pop concerts which are not to be missed.
  • Bodrum is well-known for its great nightlife and particularly for the yearly outdoor Halikarnas disco. It is famed for being the loudest disco in the Med but now has many outstanding rivals.    

Turkey’s Best Beaches

  • Ölüdeniz beach is probably the most popular with holiday makers, especially with young couples and families. The area is well-developed and there’s a lot to do, including paragliding.  
  • Cirali is a protected stretch of shore due to the loggerhead turtles that scramble out of the sea to nestle in the sand. The beach is encased by two vast mountains, making it a breath-takingly beautiful scene.  
  • Mid-way along the Bodrum peninsula is Ortakent beach and is a great choice for families with older kids, as there is an exciting range of water sports to try out. Behind the beach are market-gardens and the soft bustle of the rural village.
  • Kabak is an unspoilt shingle beach surrounded by thriving pine forests. It’s perfect for a simple, peaceful beach experience. At night there are spectacular views as the lights of Ölüdeniz flicker across the bay.  

Take advantage of the treats Turkey has to offer. Jam pack your Turkey holiday with new and exciting experiences, or relax and enjoy the weather, wonderful scenery and beautiful beaches. Book with easyJet holidays now!