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Holidays in Antequera

Holidays in Antequera

Part of Spain’s popular Costa del Sol region on the south coast, Antequera is a fortified historic town a little further inland. With cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, plazas and carefully restored old churches, there’s a more relaxing pace to life here. While it may look like your standard Spanish town, there are plenty of places of historical and cultural interest to discover – and that’s not including the dramatic nature reserve on the adjoining mountain range, which is a treasure trove for outdoorsy types.

Like much of the region, sunshine is pretty much guaranteed for most of the year. Average temperatures in July and August hover around 30 degrees and don’t usually drop below 10 degrees, even in the depths of winter. If your visit falls during Easter week, you’ll be treated to some traditional Spanish celebrations – expect parades drawing in huge crowds (often inflating prices).

An ideal location for being in easy distance of beaches, larger towns and cities, and idyllic countryside, Antequera can be a convenient base for those wanting to explore the region. It’s just as good for a quiet and relaxed break in the local area.

Top Antequera resorts


Don’t be put off by the high-rise blocks of flats that you’ll see jutting out of the concrete landscape as you approach. The coastal city of Malaga has a new central area with a chic shopping street, leading through to the city’s main square, Plaza de la Constitución. Here, there’s a huge fountain with palm trees, cafes, restaurants, churches and museums. What’s more, the seafront area has recently undergone a makeover and clean-up operation, so it’s all looking clean and very appealing.


This well-preserved town, full of links to the Moorish culture of its past, is one of the most picturesque in Spain. With a more relaxed atmosphere than other Andalucian towns in the area, Granada is perhaps better for those looking to avoid rowdy late-night bars. Towering over the town is the famous Alhambra – a romantic palace fortress that just has to be explored during your stay.


Lively Seville has a reputation for its sense of theatricality and fun – Byron once commented how it is ‘a pleasant city, famous for oranges and women’ – with a picturesque old city area that sits on the bank of the Guadalquivir. The medieval Jewish quarter is now the heart of the tourist hub, with the commercial and shopping district nearby to the north, where you can wander around before sitting in one of the many plazas for a coffee.

Hotels in Antequera

Antequera | Andalusia | Spain

Flight and Hotel, 7 Nights, Double room, Room only

£ 552.35

per person


Things to Do in Antequera

Exploring Antequera

Explore the Dolmens caves

Even older than the Egyptian pyramids, Antequera is home to some of Europe’s largest and oldest dolmens – burial chambers built with massive slabs of rock – which date to around 2,500BC. They’re quite a sight to see, and you’ll marvel at how people back in the Bronze Age managed to transport such huge boulders.

Go to see the Maqueta de Antequera

First unveiled in 2013, Maqueta de Antequera is a huge scale model showing what the city looked like in the 18th century, so you can really see what has – and what hasn’t – changed in all that time. It’s the largest model of its kind in the whole of Spain.

Discover Alcazaba

This huge Moorish fortress covers more than 62,000 square meters, where you’ll find remains of Roman baths, a huge archway the Arco de los Gigantes on which once stood a statue of Hercules, archaeological remains of a Gothic church and ancient Roman dwellings and the ‘Peña de los Enamorados’ (aka ‘Rock of lovers’), which has many stories and legends surrounding it.

Go walking in El Torcal Nature Area

This nature reserve in the Sierra del Torcal mountain range is just south of Antequera, and is a popular spot with visitors due to the outcrops of unusual rock formations, various forms of wildlife and surrounding olive groves. Put on your walking boots for a full day of exploration to see nature at its finest.

Food and drink in Antequera

Spanish cuisine

You’ll no doubt have already tried Spanish tapas, but the dishes never taste quite as good as when they’re eaten in Spain. From spicy chunks of chorizo to crispy squid, it’s all about ordering delicious small plates to be shared – so you can try as many dishes as possible. Wash it down with a glass of red wine, or get a jug of Sangria like the locals.

Antequera restaurants

Look out for the local speciality, ‘Porra Antequerana’ – it’s a thick gazpacho soup, which is great with Antequera-style rustic buns called ‘mollettes’. There are many traditional restaurants dotted throughout the city – those situated just off the main plazas tend to be a little cheaper, but no less delicious.

Going to Antequera with easyJet holidays

With sun, sea and sand as standard in the Costa del Sol, Antequera has a bit of everything. Historical points of interest, natural beauty, food and nearby beaches mean there’s something to please everyone – whether you’re on a weekend break, away with the family or with a group of friends.

Be sure to start your trip without any hassle by booking with easyJet holidays. Dedicated to making your holiday as stress-free as possible, you can take care of your flights and accommodation all in one go – and booking both through easyJet holidays can save you money too.

If you’d like to see what else is going on near Antequera in the Andalucia region, or indeed the rest of Spain, check out our other destination guides to see what else is on offer. We’re certain there’ll be something to inspire you.