Holidays in Tossa De Mar

Travel Information

Language: Spanish (English widely spoken)


Local time: GMT/BST+1
Local Airport(s)
  Flight time Transfer time
(to resort)
Gerona 2 hours 40 mins

Relax and unwind in Tossa de Mar

If you are looking for a Spanish resort that offers a quaint getaway, then holidays to Tossa de Mar situated in Costa Brava is the ideal destination. Now is the perfect time to visit as the resort has rediscovered its imaginative past and cultural heritage.    

As well as its magnificent beaches, Tossa de Mar hosts picturesque scenery, a varied selection of places to eat and drink, friendly locals and a moderate climate.

Explore the sights on holiday to Tossa de Mar

Of all the wonderful places of interest in Tossa de Mar, the most photographed and visited monument continues to be the Vila Vella, which majestically towers over Playa Gran, one of Tossa’s iconic beaches. Vila Vella is known as the old town is a village dominated by historic past, one of which involves offering a protection shield from pirate attacks.    

Bask in the glory of the Vila Vella during the day whilst enjoying fresh fish with a glass of sangria and then as the sun goes down see how the monument is transformed with orange floodlights that reflect beautifully onto the clear blue sea. For the art lovers, do not miss visiting the Museo Municipal which is considered to be Spain’s first fine art museum and the guided walking tours such as Pandora’s Box which provide ample photo opportunities. Check out Barcelona holidays if you want a great holiday with lots of cultural experiences thrown in.    

Tossa de Mar has a beautiful curved sandy beach, so you can catch the sun and swim in the warm sea along with exploring this lovely sea side town.

If you want to explore a holiday that encompasses more than relaxation and scenery then it is worth visiting the new town or Vila Nova in Tossa de Mar. Vila Nova is an energetic town that proudly offers delicious cream filled strawberry doted cakes, cool clothes and a wide range of bars and restaurants to sample some tapas.

Flexible holidays to Tossa de Mar

If a relaxing time combined with a chance to sample the mouth watering gastronomy sounds like a treat to you, then book your holiday to Tossa de Mar today. With easyJet holidays, you can choose a deal that suits you and when you book your flight and hotel at the same time you save even more with easyJet holidays.    

Get a great deal on an easyJet holiday in Costa Brava and see some of the other hotels in Tossa de Mar before you decide where to holiday in this beautiful region.

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