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Holidays in Russia

Travel Information

Holidays in Russia

Holidaying in Russia

Holding the impressive title of the planet’s largest country, the cultural and physical diversity of Russia is astounding. Reaching across two continents and covering an area of over 17 million square kilometres, you can experience a host of beautiful sights, from glorious sun-soaked golden beaches to the formidable icy tundra. With vast expanses of wilderness to explore and a range of intricately carved cities to discover, no two holidays to Russia will be the same.  

Russia is the perfect destination for every kind of getaway. Whether you’re looking for the endless white terrain for an unforgettable ski break, stretches of serene sandy beaches for a relaxing escape, or a city break complete with a rich history and traditional charm, Russia has it all.

Top destinations in Russia

No break to Russia will be complete without visiting at least one of these astonishing areas. With a variety of multi-coloured cities, endless serene landscapes and traditional old-age villages - it’s hard to whittle it down to only a few but here are some of the most inspirational places you must visit.  

  • Moscow: As the country’s capital, Moscow boasts some of Russia’s finest attractions. The first port of call on any break to this ancient city should be the Kremlin, and its surrounding cathedrals and palaces. Awe-inspiring architecture, world-famous artwork and a fascinating history is just the tip of what is waiting for you inside its ancient walls. For those who want to explore some of Moscow’s natural beauty, make the most of the hundreds of parks and gardens found within the area.  
  • St Petersburg: Created by Peter the Great, St. Petersburg has been dubbed the Venice of the North and holds a special spot in the heart of modern day Russia. With awe-inspiring attractions such as its White Nights, which provide you with 24 hours of bright white daylight to enjoy, and an assortment of palaces, cathedrals and monuments overlooking St Petersburg’s rivers and canals, there are a number of inspirational sights to behold in this exciting city.
  • Siberia: Siberia is rarely thought of as a must-visit holiday destination but with its astounding size, breath-taking mountainous vistas and seasonal transitions, it’s fast becoming one. If for no other reason, Siberia is well worth a visit purely to take in the wonders of Lake Baikal. Holding nearly a fifth of the planet’s unfrozen fresh water and boasting the bluest of blue waters, it offers a mesmerising and otherworldly experience.  
  • Kamchatka: For an insight into one of the world’s untouched havens, venture to Kamchatka and absorb the sights of its fairy-tale landscapes. Blue mountain ranges, smoking volcanoes and beaches of black volcanic sand, this ever-changing Russian territory has only recently been open to tourists and provides an idyllic setting for a unique and unforgettable getaway.

Discover the undiscovered with easyJet holidays

For a holiday destination that will spoil you with captivating sights, years of enthralling historic culture and spectacular landscapes that will leave you enchanted, book with easyJet holidays today and enjoy great value prices on flexible holidays to Russia.    

All passengers must check with the Russian Embassy for their individual entry visa requirements – please note that easyJet holidays cannot be held responsible for any part of these arrangements.

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