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Holidays in Krakow

Travel Information

Language: Polish

Currency: Zloty

Local time: GMT/BST +1 hour

Nearest Airport


Holidays in Krakow

Experience a holiday in Krakow

Krakow is one of Poland’s oldest cities, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and the country’s cultural hub.

The historic Old City is situated in District I, or Stare Miasto. This shouldn’t be confused with the historic old town of Krakow itself, famous for its outstanding mix of authentic Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque architecture. This is all overlooked by Wawel Castle, which was home to Poland’s kings, both in life and in death, for over 500 years.  

Holidays in Krakow offer a chance to eat at some of the best restaurants in Poland and visit a number of museums, which provide a glimpse into the city’s culture and turbulent history. There is also a thriving music scene, with everything from classical to folk available, and a wealth of cafes, bars and beer halls to discover.    

Unsure of which Krakow district to stay in? Just consult the easyJet holidays guide.

Getting the most out of Krakow

The Old Town is the focus for most visitors, with its towering Gothic churches and vast Rynek Glówny, the main market square, which is the biggest in Poland. The former Jewish quarter of Kazimierz lies just outside the Old Town, where beautiful synagogues reflect Poland’s Jewish community and its difficult past. If you want a different perspective, some of the communities on the edges of Krakow offer an insight into the realities of Polish life, away from the tourist hot spots in the centre; Nowa Huta is an eastern district where Trabant tours head to show visitors what life was like behind the Iron Curtain.  

The fact that centuries of history have survived, despite World War II and Soviet occupation, makes Krakow an even more incredible place. There is also a modern side to the city too, most visible in the densely-packed array of restaurants, bars and clubs that nestle in its narrow alleyways and the cellars beneath them. Krakow is not just a World Heritage site - it also features a great choice of bars and pubs where you can meet locals and discover your new favourite tipple. Find more on Krakow city breaks with easyJet holidays.

Book your Krakow holidays with easyJet holidays

Krakow is a great destination no matter the type of holiday you’re after. Book with easyJet holidays when it suits you with our flexible deals – you can save even more by booking your flights and hotel together.    

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Discover what to do in Krakow and beyond with easyJet holidays

Things to do in Krakow

Krakow, founded by decree of Prince Boleslaw V in the 13th Century, is the original royal capital of Poland. Situated in the south of Poland, near to the rugged Tatra Mountains, the town boasts the largest medieval market in Europe with its beautiful 16th Century Cloth Hall (Rynek Glowny). Rich in history and legend, from the Polish Camelot of Wawel Castle, to the Dragon’s Cave, Krakow is an exciting place to spend time in. It is home to a lively restaurant and bar scene, mainly located in the atmospheric old town, and the local residents are incredibly welcoming. Read on for easyJet holidays guide to where to go and what to see.


The culture of Krakow and the surrounding districts is rich and varied.  

  • Located close to the internationally important sites of Auschwitz and Birkenau, some of its history is of tragedy but also of hope. Why not also visit the factory of Oskar Schindler; highly recommended is the bike tours that run past here, or stop at the Under The Eagle Pharmacy, an important site of resistance during WWII and now home to a museum.    


  • The Wawel Cathedral, with its enormous Zymunt Bell, and the Royal Castle should definitely be on your itinerary. Children will be captivated by the legend of Krakow’s dragon and want to visit his cave, complete with fire-breathing beasties!
  • There are plenty of other attractions geared towards families, including Poland’s largest Aquarium and the lovely town zoo.  
  • The Wieliczka Salt Mine, located a little outside of Krakow, is fascinating for all ages. The scale of the 300km underground network of tunnels and caverns is inconceivable until seen first-hand. The workers not only tunnelled for salt but also carved out underground chapels and chambers, including the Chapel of St Kinga, the largest underground cathedral in the world!    

Food and Entertainment  

Krakow is a town full of character and tradition, making it an excellent place to sample Polish food and entertainment.  

  • For a taste of rustic Poland, dine at one of the original Milk Bars, once run by the government to provide an affordable meal for workers. Perhaps you could try the staple Bigo – a hunter’s stew with sauerkraut.  
  • For a fine dining experience, choose one of the bistros located around the Rynek Glowny, the perfect setting to relax with a glass of wine.  
  • Other Polish delicacies that should be tried during your visit include Pierogi, dumplings filled with sauerkraut or cheese and gherkins, and Makowiec, a sweet poppy cake. Don’t worry if gherkins and sauerkraut are not to your taste – there are plenty of restaurants serving quality international cuisine, including Mexican, tapas bars and pizzerias.    


  • A traditional flavour not to be missed is Zubrówka, a distinctive tasting bison grass vodka – local advice is to drink it with cloudy apple juice which is delicious!  
  • Beer drunk Polish style - with raspberry or blackcurrant juice in summer, or warm with cinnamon and honey in winter - is also tasty.    


Part of Krakow’s charm is its heady mix of culture and fun, so nights out here are always an adventure.  

  • Visit the atmospheric Alchemia bar and then venture into the old Jewish district of Kazimierz. Extensively revived since 2000, this area is now home to some of the trendiest joints in town.  
  • Krakow has gone one step further in mixing its low and highbrow culture by instituting the Krakow Nights – landmarks and museums open up during specific nights of the year to allow visitors to experience them in a completely new dimension.  
  • In May, check out the Museum Night, in June the Night of the Theatres and July is the time for Jazz. To be thoroughly spooked, try the Sacra Night in August, where churches, crypts and mausoleums, often closed to the public, welcome those brave enough to enter!    

Travel and stay with easyJet holidays for great savings!  

Krakow is a destination that holds an abundance of attractions for the visitor. If you want flexibility, affordability and convenience, try travelling with easyJet holidays. For excellent savings when booking a flight and hotel together, and the security of knowing all holidays are 100% IPP protected, check out the easyJet holidays website. Soon you could be exploring the magic and mystery of Krakow.

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