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Holidays in the Netherlands

The Dutch are a friendly bunch. They have a distinctive sense of humour and they know how to have a good time, whether that means unwinding in the countryside or living life in the fast lane in the cities.    

Holidays in the Netherlands are perfect for anyone who enjoys walking or cycling, as the country is extremely flat. But there’s plenty more to enjoy besides the landscape; the Netherlands has an incredibly rich cultural heritage, as exemplified by the long list of great artists the country has produced, and has lots more to offer travellers of every ilk.

Where to go on holidays in the Netherlands

When people think of Holland, they usually think of Amsterdam, the country’s cultural capital. From red lights to Rembrandt, Amsterdam is a captivating place. It certainly has a raunchy side, but its architecture and canals make for a truly beautiful city, and it’s packed with cultural and historical interest. Find out more about holidays to Amsterdam.    

Because Holland is so small, it’s easy to cram a lot in to your visit. There are plenty of other cities worth seeing, all just a few hours from Amsterdam at most. The Hague is where the Dutch government and royalty are based. Its mix of classical and modern architecture is broken up by airy green spaces, creating a peaceful atmosphere that serves as the perfect counterpoint to cities like Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Utrecht.    

There are also some great rural experiences to be had on holidays in the Netherlands. The pastoral splendour of the country’s national parks is complimented by glistening lakes, sandy beaches, and a series of windswept islands. Picturesque countryside villages include Broek-in-Waterland, Marken and others in the Waterland and Zaan region. For Holland at its most iconic, you can visit windmills such as Kinderdijk and Schiedam, and see resplendent flower fields from March to May.

Great attractions for families include the Efteling, a fairytale theme park, and the Madurodam, a miniature city featuring scale versions of Dutch landmarks. Find more information on Holland attractions here.

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